Halo: The Master Chief Collection - MCC Development Update #2

The team here at 343 has been cranking away on all manner of bug fixes, improvements, and enhancements to the Master Chief Collection since our last blog update. Today we’re going to touch on general project status, networking tests, flighting, and then shift focus to address some of the most common MCC update questions we’ve received from across the community. Let's go!

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Fragnum250d ago

This submission is a real eye opener,

I had no idea this game was still being supported by the developer, Interesting to read about the X enhancements and improvements to the netcode coming in the next milestone update.

Do any N4G members still play this, interested to hear everyones thoughts?

slate91250d ago

I remember it launching and the extreme disappointment. I still play sometimes. You find matches but the UI and overall feel of the experience is very rough. Looking forward to the improvements coming.

spicelicka250d ago

I still play it time to time. I was fortunate enough not to have as many matchmaking issues as most people did.

Let me tell you when this game works it's just so amazing! Being able to switch from one halo to another is refreshing. They did something truly ambitious with this project, it just sucks that the same ambition created all the network issues. The single player has worked great as always, I'm only talking about multiplayer.

Fragnum250d ago

Thanks for the reply Spice,

Think I might reinstall and see if much has changed since I last played, which was not long after the game first arrived on the platform so hopefully the matchmaking is much better now.

PhantomS42250d ago

I do, it's really the only Halo games I will play since 5 is trash. I really like it but I bought it like a year after launch so the majority of the online matching issues were non-existent and I have no trouble with matches but I mostly play it for Halo 1-3 story modes.

Fragnum250d ago

Thanks for your reply Phantom,

If I remember right you can play the campaign in co op mode?

I remember thinking that the first Halo was way more difficult than 2 and 3 when I played in co op, but that may have been something to do with my buddy who is terrible at first person shooters lol.

rockwhynot249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Hell yes! Dying to play community inspired maps and playlists created with the forge already. If they ever made such a playlist :(

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Vasto250d ago

This is going to be amazing on so many levels. I would also love to see a Gears Of War collection next with every game enhanced for the X.

FITgamer250d ago

I just wish they'd bring Gears 2 and 3 to Win 10, even as just straight ports.

Avengerz43250d ago

I'll definitely pick it up again when it gets the X enhancements

mcstorm250d ago

I'm wondering if Microsoft will do another push with this game and maybe add halo 3 to remastered for a re-release and add halo 5 into it to. More than likely way off but a you never know

Avengerz43250d ago

I thought it was cool that they listed Reach as a topic they were talking about from the community suggestions. I'd love to have Reach added to it.

mcstorm249d ago

Yeah u agree but I'm wondering if this will be the hub for all halo games. With all new halo games being added to game pass by ms I wonder if this will be a relaunch for this game but as 6 7 ect come out they get added I to the main screen

TheOttomatic91249d ago

I’m an SP gamer but I would love if all the campaigns got X enhancements also it would be cool if they add Reach as well

Aaroncls7249d ago

Need this on PC, come on!