Bethesda Game Studios Expands With New Austin Office

Bethesda Game Studios, a ZeniMax Media company, today announced that it has expanded development capacity for future titles by welcoming BattleCry Studios in Austin, Texas, as part of Bethesda Game Studios.

“As the vision, scale and ambitions for our games continue to grow, so does Bethesda Game Studios,” said Todd Howard, Game Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios. “We’ve had the pleasure to know the talented developers at BattleCry and knew we could do great things together.”

Bethesda Game Studios Austin is staffed by a core team of seasoned industry veterans with experience developing AAA games. The studio will be managed by industry veteran Doug Mellencamp as Studio Director.

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Garethvk275d ago

I think this does show some credence to the rumor they will be announcing a new franchise at E3. If they are not relocating or downsizing their main office; then this is likely a new development base so that could indicate a new franchise or two as well as many new titles coming. Dare we hope that the Star Wars license may be changing hands?

_-EDMIX-_275d ago

Yeah I see it a little bit unlikely that you're going to see the Star Wars license change hands anytime soon.

It wouldn't shock me if Electronic Arts got the license again after they're 10 years is up. Amongst all the controversy I think many of you guys need to realize that Battlefront 1 went on to be one of the best selling Star Wars games in history, Battlefront 2 following with over 10 million sales, Disney is not just going to ignore that. Consider Electronic Arts was able to do this before we even got another Star Wars game by one of their other main Studios....

So I definitely agree that Bethesda is likely working on an intellectual property that we haven't seen before, but Star Wars license changing hands? I don't even see a reason for such that thing to happen considering Electronic Arts and Disney's financial success over that partnership.

Garethvk275d ago

Supposedly BF2 sold below expectations and Disney was not impressed with the Loot Box controversy as they said it harmed the brand. Yes the numbers were big but Forbes and others show it was at least 1 million units below expectations. Nobody is going to sneeze at 9 million in sales unless development and marketing needed 10 million plus for the expected returns.

_-EDMIX-_275d ago

@Gar- I don't see any evidence that Disney really was upset about The Loot Crate situation I would argue Disney specifically seeked out Electronic Arts knowing they were able to make a lot of money off of the game post-launch with content like that.

Also I don't really believe they're going to care about 1 million less units especially if you're considering it it's still making it one of the best selling Star Wars games of all time.

Combined with Battlefront 1 you're looking at one of the studios that is basically sold the most Star Wars games in history trust me Disney is not going to be looking to walk away from that.

So I don't think Disney is looking at 10 million units as hurting their brand their goal has always been to make money in the first place.

So please don't give me the excuse that Disney was ignorant of what was going on with the loot boxes I personally believe they literally seeked up a publisher like Electronic Arts because of their pedigree with great developing Studios on top of the ability to make money post-launch.

They have a 10-year licensing deal and I'm sorry but this controversy didn't suddenly make them make $0.

We likely have Star Wars Battlefront 3 releasing fall next year and if they have zero microtransactions and just go in with a free season pass like they did previously their sales are likely going to hit expectations, the fact that they were even able to move 10 million units only shows just how many people want a Star Wars game by this development Studio.

So consider such a massive controversy still resulted and then moving 10 million units so what happens when they come out off of the back with no microtransactions out all in free content?

Garethvk275d ago

I agree but I was simply stating what Forbes and multiple other outlets have reported. They say the game did not meet expectations and their have been rumblings the license is being shopped. Now I think EA Play will go a long way to settling this as if they announce a new Star Wars game that will help but if there is silence again, rumors like this may happen.

_-EDMIX-_275d ago

@gar-I don't disagree that the rumor exist simply that I find it very unlikely that Disney is going to ignore such sales.

Disney already has a deal in place for a 10 years with Electronic Arts so if anything I would actually have to come after that licensing deal has ended. Which actually means there's actually still time for Electronic Arts to change Disney's mind , you also have to consider I just don't really believe Disney's going to remove the license because of one game.

(Especially considering it's one of the best selling Star Wars games in history)

So they were able to do something like that even with the massive controversy what happens without it? So they still have a few years with that license to see.

We still have to see BioWare and Respawn Star Wars game too.

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Relientk77275d ago

Austin has 6 letters

Elder Scrolls 6 confirmed

Myst-Vearn275d ago

i just want skyrim 2 come on already!!!!

RainOfTerror275d ago

technically not really a "new" studio since BattleCry has been a subsidiary of Zenimax, Bethesda's parent company, since 2012 already.

TyrellCorp275d ago

Yeah I’m a little worried, the game they were developing “BattleCry” was a free to play game that ended up getting canceled. And I remember there were job listings posted about a new freemium AAA ip BGS we’re developing a little while back... Hopefully this isn’t the path BGS is taking, but it’s pretty easy to connect the dots.

Gaming_1st275d ago

Sweet i am excited to see what kind of bugs or i mean games they develop.

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