The White House's Violence In Video Games Video Is Pure Amateur Hour

If there’s any worth to this video, it’s to once again prove that conservative curtain-twitchers refuse to believe in facts when it comes to video games.

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RememberThe357315d ago

Well, isn't that what this white how is all about? It's been amatur hour from jump.

starchild315d ago

Well, both liberal and conservative politicians have a history of going after videogames. It's bullshit either way.

bumbleforce315d ago

I dont know man. That tax bill says otherwise. I get more money back on each check and my bonus gets taxed less now. I do payroll for a few companies and I see the companies and employees benefiting from it. Cnn wont tell you that.

mafiahajeri315d ago

If you want to get technical music is worse then video games when it comes to violence, trust me, on the way to commiting these crimes these people are not playing their handhelds theyre listening to something that'll pump them up as well as probably make the crime x10 worse...

But video games are an easier target...