Destructoid TGS 08: Hands-on with Gomibako, the game about trash

Destructoid writes: "This game is rubbish... literally! Among the many PlayStation Network games Sony had lined up at TGS 2008, new title Gomibako sounded the most interesting. The screens we saw showed a cross section of a trashcan gradually being piled full of trash in a junkyard, making us wonder how a game that looked like this would even be played.

The point of Gomibako is to cleanly dispose of trash by smashing and burning it. Players start with an empty trashcan in this trash yard. A conveyor belt runs along the top of the screen, and random pieces of trash -- toilet bowls, stuffed animals, post office boxes -- enter the top of the can, one piece of refuse at a time. Your goal is to place this piece in the trashcan so that as many pieces as possible can fit."

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