5 Games that got stuck in Development Hell that we will never play

MWEB GameZone writes: "These games were announced and looked great but were never seen of again."

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SickSinceSix1836d ago

Wish there was a written list, the article just has a couple paragraphs but the actual list is all on the video.

DarkVoyager1836d ago

The list is in the tags under the article headline on this page.

SickSinceSix1836d ago

Grey text on a white background, didn't even notice that before. Still you know what I mean, a readable list with a paragraph for each game.

Relientk771836d ago

Still waiting for Deep Down

agent45321836d ago

Agent had pretty sweet gameplay, hopefully Rockstar releases it.

Maldread1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

That`s not Agent, but footage from a very promissing PS3 game called 8 days:

You can see the same here, with people calling it out:

Too bad we didn`t get to play 8 days though. Looked really good.

I`d be surprised if we see Agent coming out, with GTA and Red Dead 2 taking some time.

Deep Down did look pretty cool too, but i guess it`s gone since we havn`t heard anything about it for some time.

Knightofelemia1835d ago

I would add Scalebound to that list I was looking forward to that game