Nintendo, earn a Trophy, Achieve something in our lives for bragging sakes

Red Bull Games Australia has explored just why it's important Nintendo looks at adopting and Achievements/Trophies-like system...

Here's an excerpt:

"Nintendo makes games about bragging rights. It might be incidental, but their basic design of games is essentially a service to completionism. The bare minimum still exists for non-completionists, because that’s how Nintendo goes about it, but their in-house games are designed for gamers to explore every little thing; to find new secrets and hidden goodies -- to collect ‘em all, if you will.

120 stars in Super Mario 64. Skulltulas in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Routes and Medals in Lylat Wars (or Star Fox 64 for non-Aussies). Chozo Artifacts and 100% scan completion in Metroid Prime. Racing ghosts in Mario Kart(s). Your damn Pokemon collection, from common to rare, to legendary – Nintendo’s game-design philosophy is about 1-Up-manship (heh). But beyond personal accounts, or playgrounds and watercoolers, there’s no tangible evidence of any level of completion for players in a digital social sense..."

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TheGamez100276d ago

Yes!!! Reason I dont want to get some multiplats on the switch is because of the lack of the system. Love platinuming games I love and itd be amazing to be able to do the same for botw and other first party games.

Neonridr276d ago

such a trivial thing. I play games because they are fun, not because I get a trophy.

-Foxtrot274d ago

Let’s be honest it adds some form of replay value if you finish the game and realise you only have a few to go towards a platinum

It could do the same here and give things like finding all the seeds in BOTW or all the moons in Odyssey a little bit more motivation

ziggurcat274d ago

Well the thing about trophies/achievements... they're 100% optional, and you aren't forced to obtain them all in order to enjoy the game, which means you can still "play games because they are fun" with some form of trophy system in place.

SuperSonic91274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

After all these years of gaming, Shadow of the Colossus Remake is the first game that only made me want to 100% complete platinum trophy a video game because its the first to make sense just as you complete the entire game and its secrets.

I feel like Nomad Colossus exploring this masterpiece of a game.

No matter how hard hard time attack is I tried to beat it and climb the secret garden!

It gives you a sense of accomplishment and value for the game and your money.

Now for the 79 relics and Sword of Dormin!

gamer7804274d ago

I love achievements and getting wallpapers unlocked with each one. It also is nice climbing tiers and gettin money back on purchases. it's also a nice way to track progress with friends in game or compete monthly for the highest gamerscore on the leaderboard

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strayanalog276d ago

"‎Being passive is a loser activity for losers." - Red Bull website confirmed. Sheesh, guys, let's dial it down to a 7.‎

I always thought the achievement was completing the game, but I'm cool whether we get these or not.‎

FallenAngel1984276d ago

Nintendo games usually have some form of individual achievement system in them any way. I don’t see why they shouldn’t implement a system wide feature like this

Neonridr276d ago

who honestly uses trophies / achievements for bragging rights? I would fall over laughing if someone actually tried to use that against me..

DazaMc274d ago

100 moons and you get a star!