Diehard GameFAN: Lost In Blue: Shipwrecked Review

Lost In Blue: Shipwrecked is a solid first attempt at trying to bring the Lost In Blue franchise to the Wii, though it's rough around the edges in ways that are both old and new. Newcomers will probably dig the frequent mini-game challenges (this being a Wii game and all), the multiplayer options, and the colorful presentation, and fans of the series will probably find some joy in some of the new design elements and the new play mechanics.

However, the game is as repetitive and torturous as ever, many of the gameplay changes make the experience less user-friendly than its DS counterparts, and many of the gameplay elements are confusing and questionable in context. For the semi-budget price, Lost In Blue: Shipwrecked isn't a bad game to check out, but it may leave both new and old fans disappointed at what the game is in comparison to what the game could have been.

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