Gabe Newell: “We’re back to making and shipping games”

According to a series of tweets by producer Geoff Keighley, Gabe Newell has announced that Valve is ready to step back into the games industry as a game developer. Keighley also shared several concept art and screenshots of Valve’s upcoming card game Artifact.

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winter_hill313d ago

Cool maybe we'll finally get Half-Life 3. In 20 years. **looks at watch** And now we play the waiting game....

UltraNova313d ago

Not happening, simply because Valve knows they could never produce an equal or better game than HL2 so much so to compensate for all these years they kept their fans waiting... they know they will get crusified for anything less than 12/10 HL game.

ONESHOTV2313d ago

maybe a remake would do in the new source engine

SunnyZ313d ago

yeah 100%
Look what they did to Duke Nukem Forever... What an absolute shit show of a game.
Duke Nukem Manhattan project was better...
NOTHING can live up to the hype of HL3

Gridknac313d ago

I don't believe that's it at all..I think Valve just works on what they are interested in at the time. Their success with steam has allowed them to do what they want, when they want. I've not played a bad valve game, even though they have been sparse. I don't think it would be any different for HL3. Valve just makes great games, that's why they still have a huge fan base after all these years.

D3TH_D33LR313d ago

I find this argument to be garbage. Bethesda has shown that solid gameplay and great story works and I’d argue that valve has the much better physics engine.

HeisenbergX313d ago

@ UltraNova I agree that Half Life 2 is a masterpiece of gaming it’s one of my favourite games ever but come on thats a stupid reason not to do a sequel and it would be very cowardly from Valve.

_-EDMIX-_313d ago

Except that I was actually nothing to do with business, at the end of the day they understand that there is a demand to complete Gordon Freeman's story.

So I find it hard to believe that they would sit there and decide to not make money. ..

Razmiran313d ago

Between not living up to the hype and being duke nukem forever there is a big gap I think
What we want is a conclusion to a story, not a revolution in gameplay

SenorFartCushion313d ago

Why does it have to be better?

ImGumbyDammit313d ago

@_-EDMIX-_ "to complete the story"

You could read Marc Laidlaw's blog. He wrote the stories for the first two Half-life's games. Although he no longer works for Valve he did post a sort of a synopsis of the story he had planned for Half-Life 3 (in the form of a letter from Gertrude Fremont) in one of his blog posts.

If they want to do a HL3 they definitely need to get Marc back. He is the voice and vision of Hal-Life and is what we enjoyed about that game. That is hard to replace

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Rude-ro313d ago

I’ll take updated half life’s for current gen.
Then they could judge the demand and knock off the dust on their developing.

Kribwalker313d ago

i would buy a new orange box. That was one of the best values in gaming last gen

_-EDMIX-_313d ago

@rude- Id take both simply because I don't even think it would be the same development team that did some sort of remake.

@Krib- absolutely agreed.

Sm00thNinja313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

@krib. It's amazing how immature and petty some people are to literally downvoted anything you post smh

_-EDMIX-_313d ago

@smooth- please don't start that...

For all you know the people who are disagreeing might be disagreeing because The Orange Box though was a great game it also had its own series of controversy regarding the port job that Electronic Arts did for the PlayStation 3.

They could also be down voting because they might disagree that it was the best value last generation which to be honest is debatable.

Keep in mind I agree but I also agree with the right for anyone to disagree with the statement and I'm very serious when I say this, seriously folks stop arguing and bickering over people disagreeing with you , I get loads of disagrees and I won't comment because everyone is free to have their opinion and disagree with me.

So I'm agreeing with Krib, but I won't attack or make malicious comments if kirb disagrees with me. He has all his right to.

Don't get into it and don't derail a comment section just because someone disagreeing with someone else everybody can agree or disagree with whomever they feel like it. It happens. Look at me when I enter a Nintendo article 😂😂😂

It's ok

People could feel differently about anything. But don't go around Fanning the Flames trying to assume what that individuals intentions were when they disagreed over for all you know they might be just disagreeing with the general notion of the post and not the user themselves.

OpenGL313d ago

It already exists, it's called Black Mesa.

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Godmars290313d ago

Would think they'd use HL3 to announce "We're back bitches!"

RememberThe357312d ago

Instead we get a card game...

Orionsangel313d ago

They took so long that Robert Guillaume the voice of Eli Vance passed away. Wait, did Eli Vance pass away in the last game or was it a cliffhanger? I forget. It's been so long.

OpenGL313d ago

He died at the end of episode 2.

ConsoleGamer313d ago

"And now we play the waiting game"

As long as it is in 4k i'm fine with that.

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bluefox755313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

I just want a new Portal game. Couldn't care less about Half Life 3.

ChrisW313d ago

I as well... but my reasoning is that HL3's expectations have been raised so high, there's almost no way that Valve would be able to create a game that sets well with gamers. It would hurt their company phenomenally more than never making it.

moomoo319313d ago

Portal 2 scratched that itch pretty good after the original game. I can wait on that series

Hungryalpaca312d ago

You’re in the minority there bud.

Eidolon312d ago

TB HL was okay for it's time, but for me, Portal took the cake, even if it was a lie.

D3TH_D33LR313d ago

Left 4 dead 3 and Half Life 3 pleeeeaaase.

Kribwalker313d ago

i would love left 4 dead 3. Played that game so much.
State of Decay 2 seems like the closest thing we will get except for the survival aspect in SOD, but 4 player PVE zombie co-op

_-EDMIX-_313d ago

State of Decay is absolutely nothing like Left 4 Dead I would argue that Evolve was the closest thing to something like Left 4 Dead in regards to a multiplayer Co-op experience. I think I put something like 300 hours in Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 lol

Kribwalker313d ago

i’m just saying 4 player zombie co-op game wise. i know it won’t play like left for dead, but there aren’t too many 4 player zombie co-op games since left for dead

Nothing but left for dead will be like left for dead. Hell i still play left for dead through BC.

Unreal01313d ago


"there aren’t too many 4 player zombie co-op games since left for dead"

Lmao. Where have been living?

D3TH_D33LR313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

State of decay really doesn’t come close to scratching the fast paced action left 4 dead gameplay itch. State of decays more micromanage base building to me. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the first game and played a lot being a big zombie/walking dead fan but it’s not the same.

Not sure what you’re talking about when it comes to coop game’s though. What about dying light, killing floor 2, dead island remake, COD Nazi zombies (not a fan myself), the new R6 siege outbreak event, I don’t even want to mention it but metal gear survive too.

Kribwalker313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

i agree. I was really stating it more of a 4player co-op PVE Zombie game like L4D. I know it doesn’t play the same and it’s way slower paced, nothing matches L4D for the way it played. But i was thinking more along the lines of the co-op experience
Got killing floor 2 from plus last year but i haven’t really tried it so i definitely will.
Not a fan of dead island, rainbow six siege or COD zombies, and haven’t tried dying light.

I guess you are right tho, there’s more out there then i remember

Xenophon_York313d ago

Left 4 Dead 4 Good 👈 Will be the final Left 4 Dead game—calling the title.

D3TH_D33LR313d ago

I found killing floor to be similar to Nazi zombies but with a load out builder picked from counter strike, class system like evolve or something similar and the zombie variations similar to left 4 dead. 9 waves and then a final boss. It’s repetitive but I like it more than Nazi zombies a lot.

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