This Latest Nintendo Direct Was Smashing

Nintendo had one mission with their latest Nintendo Direct. Reassure their early adopters, that they made the right call. By, trying to outdo their 2017 lineup, that included Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Mario Odyssey. Nintendo needed to do something big. They need to show the roadmap to the end of the year, and prove that their soon to be online service is worth the investment. Nintendo wants to end 2018 with a smash, and boy did they deliver.

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majiebeast1907d ago ShowReplies(2)
Sgt_Slaughter1907d ago

And that's just the second Direct of the year, plus hopefully Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem announcements near or at E3. 2018 is already stacked.

Zjet1907d ago

Yup well all the games that had release dates were before June...

E3 is gonna be big.....

I so darn happy about Captain Toad though i freakin love that game

The 10th Rider1907d ago

The releases went up through July actually. That still leaves five months of the year though.

The 10th Rider1907d ago

Don't forget Pokemon! That usually gets its own direct and it will surely be announced sometime this year.

Moonman1907d ago

There has to be a "Labo" Direct in April, I was shocked they didn't mention Labo. Smash Bros. is going to sell like crazy. I mean

The 10th Rider1907d ago

The last one sold around 15 million between Wii U and 3DS. I wonder if this one will be able to cross 20 million?

Moonman1907d ago

It will sell just as much as (Wii U + 3DS combined). But if it is new or "new enough to feel new" it can surpass that. If the online and local multiplayer is on imagine a perfectly portable full console quality Smash Bros.? :)

The 10th Rider1907d ago

It's got a new logo, no Bandai Namco trademark or mention, Breath of the Wild Link, no copyright for the original release year of SSB4 . . . there's a lot of signs pointing to this being Smash 5. On top of that Sakurai said something along the lines of "While we haven't gotten to the point where we can announce the game's title, I've been working on the title in silence day after day. Please look forward to new information and when the title goes on sale!!"

Seems to be Smash 5. It's been four years already so it's not unreasonable.

Avengerz431907d ago

Games I'm definitely buying: okami HD I never played it on the Wii cuz the Wii was cancer I hate motion controllers, Smash Bros regardless if it's the Wii U port or a new entry, Toad treasure tracker, Mario Bowser inside story, and the Luigi's Mansion remake.

Games I'm on the fence about: southpark I have it on XB one but haven't started it yet and would be easier to play on the go, Kirby looks fun and I'm going to try the demo but I've always seen it as too childish for my taste. Dark Souls HD, I've already smashed this game on the 360 beat it 10+clears but playing it on the go makes it intriguing. Octopath Traveler I just played the demo and it was really cool I'll wait for reviews and to see more on it.

Cool announcements but still too many ports they need more just fresh releases. But I will say it's still better exclusives than MS currently has.

monkey6021907d ago

I skipped the WiiU so I'm quite pleased with some of the more interesting games getting ported over. I've never really played a smash game properly so this will be my first but I'm looking forward to trying it.
I loved Kirby as a child but always found the old games a nice challenge. The demo for the star allies makes the game seem so simplistic and easy that i really don't have any interest in it.
Mario Tennis Aces actually caught my attention and I played the original Dark Souls a lot but I would be tempted to pick it up for the Switch and I never rebuy games I already own or did own .

The switch is doing a far better job of holding my interest than the Xbox one is

VINNIEPAZ1907d ago

"The switch is doing a far better job of holding my interest than the Xbox one is"

Ok.... Thanks for that extra info...

doos_vd_kak1907d ago

"The switch is doing a far better job of holding my interest than the Xbox one is"

In my opinion, the switch has better exclusives already than the xbox one, i do agree

monkey6021907d ago

VINNIE my entire comment was written in response to Avangerz. He mentioned the Xbox so I gave my two cents on the subject

But.... Thanks for trying to be witty...

The 10th Rider1907d ago

It's worth noting that the Octopath developers already made the Bravely Default games, which got a ton of praise. They also took a lot of fan feedback from the demo so I don't really have any doubts that it's going to be a great RPG.

Sirk7x1907d ago

Bravely Default was developed by Silicon Studio. Octopath is being developed by Acquire, which is the same studio that made the original Tenchu series. Takahashi and Asano are employees of Square Enix who produced Bravely, and started Octopath. Same producers, but different developing team.

Avengerz431907d ago

Yea it's square enix and it's original so I'm sure it'll be fine like I said I loved the demo. Hopefully get some other good RPGs for it this year too.

JackieDrunken1907d ago

Was honestly not expecting to be buying as many games for Switch this year as last. But damn...Switch continues to eat my wallet lol! Even the damn Mario tennis game looks freaking awesome! Sushi game looked fun. Never played Okami so might have to check that out. Never got Captain Toad on my WiiU but always wanted to play it. Splatoon 2 rocks and that dlc looks awesome. Dark Souls is in my top 10 games all time. I still can't believe that's coming on a Nintendo console. And a Solaire Amiibo?!! PRAISE THE SUN!!!

My only disappointment from this direct was that Luigi's Mansion remake was for 3DS and not Switch. But holy crap that Smash Brothers teaser!!! Incredible. I'm expecting more Smash at E3 and hopefully something on virtual console. Future continues to look bright for the Switch!

AspiringProGenji1907d ago

The Switch keeps taking the games from Wii U to the point no one will even associate those games with it. Ports are fine now. Hopefully when Sony and MS start getting ports on their next consoles we don’t see the flood of articles about it because apparently that was a problem when Sony had to rely on a fee of them to fill gaps

Jinger1907d ago

Right? I love my Switch, but all these ports ain't cutting it for me. If Smash ends up just being another port from Wii U I'll be very disappointed.

ScootaKuH1907d ago

Totally agree. This is the exact same thing that's bothering me. Look at the list of upcoming games and it's all ports which are old, and Indies. All of which I can get elsewhere and for cheaper.

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