Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Leaked For PC/Xbox One In Addition To Nintendo Switch

Amazon has leaked the Xbox One and PC version of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy after the game was announced coming to the Nintendo Switch earlier in the official Nintendo Direct.

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gangsta_red319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Interesting, didn't we somewhat know this already? When this was talked about a while back when the rumors we're flying around of the game not being PS4 exclusives.



djsilke45319d ago

Trust me I could name plenty of games coming out that are exclusive just this year lmao don't even try it

gangsta_red319d ago

I'm sure we all could, but this one was pretty much a given when it was first announced to be timed.

naruga319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

the original ND Crash would never go multi ...the remake is just a shiny junk ...would be impossible for a "noobie" team like Traveler tales to recapture the original trilogy magic ....and Crash B. will be forever PSs mascot , cannt be related with any other console

darthv72319d ago

between the three (PS4, XBO, NS) I'd say the switch has the best chance to sell the most. Being able to play on the go is something many multisystem users may not want to pass up on. Even if they already have the PS4 version. so lets hope it sells a boat load to all the platforms and that it leads to development of a new, real current gen Crash game.

HeisenbergX319d ago

@naruga You have to be pretending right? i mean you have to

there is just no way you are for real with that comment

darthv72319d ago

@naruga, if anything jumping flash was the PS1 mascot initially. Crash just happened to come along at a time when PS was finding its edgy-style. Remember the commercials calling out "plumber boy"

But that ship sailed and Kratos became the new face of PS. though technically PS has many faces so its easy to fixate on one you think is the main but crash was never intended to be the face of PS. He just fit the position at that time.

HeisenbergX319d ago

@Darthv It already sold more than 3.5 m on ps4 and it's safe to assume it's going to sell more than 4 m until july 10.

Wanna know my opinion ? i honestly think other versions wont sell even close like the ps4 version did.

Atanasrikard319d ago


If the PS4 version isn't the most purchased version then the game is an absolute failure on the PS4. You do realize how many more PS4's there are than the other systems right?

That's like saying, I honestly think other burgers won't even sell close to what McDonald's sells.

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butchertroll319d ago

They said it's coming to Playstation FIRST, not as an exclusive. It was so obvious it will be on other platforms :

gangsta_red319d ago

Then I wonder why there was so much confusion around that time?

Greg2801319d ago

@Gangsta_red There was so much confusion because... "Fanboys"

xfiles2099319d ago

It dont matter Nintendo Fans will enjoy and support the game Xbox Fans not so much They dont even support their own games

xfiles2099319d ago

Not saying it will not sell at all I'm just saying most of the Xbox community will not support it. MS will not release numbers to game sales because they are so poor. Game Pass was created to help generate some cash flow from Xbox games because they have not been supported. Xbox has become a joke Hopefully they fix things soon. But I think we all can see their future and it is Xbox as a service not a console.

chiefJohn117319d ago

Based off your logic, most of the ps community don't support their games. Did Crash even reach 10% of the install base? Thought so.

NatFanBoyRestricted319d ago

one day it's there are no games on Xbox, next day it's gamers on Xbox don't support their games. should probably pull your head out your rear end :)

Ausbo319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

False. The 360 has the highest attach rate for last gen consoles. As far as this gen, it’s hard to tell because Microsoft releases no sales

KillBill319d ago

Oddly though that Xbox One exclusives have a better attach rate than do PS4 exclusives. So how does it show that XBox fans don't support their own games when they purchase them at a better attach rate than do PS4 fans?

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Jinger319d ago

Crash Will sit nicely on my Xbox hard drive along with Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid.

mandingo319d ago

Yea thought it was obvious as well. Idk why naruga is all butthurt about it. Major fanboy

showtimefolks319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

I hope so more gamers will get to play this. I always thought this was timed exclusive

I think Spyro collection is next

mark_parch319d ago

why don't sony advertise these games as launch exclusives so the consumer knows whats going on. a switch or xbox owner might have brought a ps4 just for this game to find out they didn't need to. same goes for hell blade. i wonder if we will see games like nioh or neir automata soon

Kribwalker319d ago

i bought both Crash and Hellblade for my PS4 because i was under the impression they were exclusive (although it was with coupons from sony so at least they weren’t full price). Otherwise i probably would have waited for it to release on Xbox. So you are on to something

mark_parch319d ago

I know this might sound strange to some people but i only bother with achievements on xbox and not my ps4 because i have been building my games library and score on xbox since the 360 that's also where my friends are and where i choose to play online. i have nothing against ps4 i love my ps4 but only brought it about 12 months ago, none of my friends have one and i don't go online i'm not to fussed with achievements and like to just play the awesome single player games like uncharted, the last of us and god of war. the reason i say this is crash bandicoot was a game i really wanted to 100% so obviously would rather play on my xbox. i was extremely close to picking it up on ps4 becasue i didn't think it was going to come to xbox. i would have been pretty pissed if i had as sony should have advertised it as a launch exclusive. anyway glad i held off and looking forward to attempting that 100% lol

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darthv72319d ago

That's cool. More people to sell it to.

potedude319d ago

Yup that's great news for those who haven't played it before. And for those who had the old PS1 then it's nostalgia time...

LegoIsAwesome319d ago

Cool. Now bring SHadow of the colossus/persona 5/the order/bloodborne/.hack//g.u/gu ndam games to the switch

Eiyuuou319d ago

Or you can just buy a PS4.

Cause your wish won’t come true.

Born2Game83319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Yep. Crash has been multi-platform for years now. Wonder why people are surprised.

Sciurus_vulgaris319d ago

It was obvious the Insane Trilogy was going to go multiplatform. Crash has been multiplatform for most of its lifespan. Also I think should pick the insane trilogy up once school is done. I’m getting the itch to play a platformer.

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PlayableGamez-319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

It's not leaked.
It's officially announced.