Don't Expect Sea of Thieves Reviews on March 20th As Press Will Be Active from Launch Day, Too

Microsoft just confirmed that the gaming press will start playing Rare's shared world pirate adventure game on March 20th as everybody else. As such, don't expect Sea of Thieves reviews prior or on the launch date.

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KaiPow222d ago

Guess I'll have to ask for an Xbox Game Pass instead of a review code!

KillBill221d ago

You can simply get a 14day free trial.

Prubar221d ago

Bethesda games say otherwise;)

coolbeans221d ago

Depends on the platform, really. PC versions of Prey and Skyrim: Special Edition were terribly buggy.

xX-oldboy-Xx221d ago

Not a very good example - their games are riddled with bugs at launch.

Prubar221d ago

Ok I’ll be more specific. Jackhass said “never a great sign”. People were saying the same thing about Doom and look how that turned out. And SoT is widely dependant on running into other players. Only makes sense to wait till the servers are filled.

aconnellan221d ago

Why not? If people wanted to wait for reviews to make a purchase, they just have to wait a couple of days.

As others have said, there’s a negative stigma around launch day reviews that rarely comes to fruition

Zachmo182221d ago

I wouldn’t say that. This game has plenty of gameplay videos and a decent amount of people have played this in the Alpha and beta test.

Tko1111221d ago

Please there has been many closed beta and unannounced open beta for this game. Point being that you can make your own opinion with $10 bucks or by playing the open beta.

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ImGumbyDammit221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

What do you mean? This at it heart is not a single player game. A review posted before a game like this goes live would be an insincere review. Sure you can play by yourself or even find some others to play with but, without the much large player base that will exist on release those reviews of a pirates life, roaming the sea, would be wrongly biased to a false narrative of a single player game perspective. Doing so would be like the opposite in reviewing Uncharted 4 based on its somewhat subpar multi-player experience rather than the excellent single player experience it was designed for. With a limited amount of users having access to the game up to those final days before it goes live it would be an incomplete experience for a journalist to base their review on. I am glad reviewers will have to wait and experience in its full glory and judge it on that. It also means I have a chance to find them and sink their ships, while my mates and I dance a little jig on their graves.

conanlifts221d ago

It is an online community game. Without other gamers it will be very empty and scores will be lower as a result. So this should be expected with all online games.

Zeref221d ago

Well, it is an open world multiplayer game, what are they going to do in an empty server?

Cy221d ago

It's an online multiplayer game. How is it supposed to get reviewed pre-launch?

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Cyborgg222d ago

I expect 7 out of 10 overall review score. That's decent

Rude-ro221d ago

Ha! Have you met a hyped game from Microsoft with 7s on launch day? They will be as overhyped as all other self hyped games from Microsoft.

aconnellan221d ago

How is this game ‘self hyped’? What does that even mean? Are you criticising Microsoft for marketing a game they’re publishing?

InTheZoneAC221d ago

a 7 is solid, but from all the bots and fans, not saying they're the same, just trying to cover all grounds, anything under a 9.25 will be disappointing.

221d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.