The Future of Star Wars Games

It’s unfortunate that ever since Electronic Arts was given exclusive rights to Star Wars games in 2013, they haven’t done all that much with it. What’s worse, it doesn’t seem like they have much planned for the future. At least, they haven’t shown the world those plans yet.

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strayanalog315d ago

One thing great about the Star Wars video game franchise was its variety, which would make anyone wonder why EA hasn't developed different titles with the license. That is until you stop and think about that EA aims for movie budgets, not video game budgets.‎‎
I'm sure everyone's neighborhood friendly developer is going to show something at E3, if they don't beforehand, but I can't help but think of how they're going to screw it up.‎

Overall, I would say EA has did something for the franchise, although low-key, which was both showing the industry how not to make a Star Wars game and making sure the community talks about the franchise.‎

ObviousGoldfish314d ago

Star wars as films and games are pretty much dead.

gamejediben313d ago

As long as EA holds the Star Wars licence hostage, there is NO future for Star Wars games.

I'll just go back "before the dark times, before the Empire (EA)" and play Rogue Squadron and Jedi Outcast and just try to forget about the sick, reprehensible things EA is doing to Star Wars.