Gaming Nexus: Saints Row 2 Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "My experience with Saints Row 2 is limited as I never played the original game beyond the demo. I was interested to see how the sequel was going to work out as I was fairly impressed with what I saw at theTHQ Sprint event earlier this year. This leads to my first issue with the game in that the game does expect you to have some knowledge of the first game before diving into the sequel. Why Volition didn't include a recap of the previous game before the start of the game is beyond me but I was able to fill in the blanks as the game progressed. The story picks up five years after the original game as you managed to survive the explosion at the end of the last game (spoiler alert?). You awake inside theStillwater prison's medic ward and discover that while you were out of the picture the city is no longer controlled by the Saints and that the city has been cleaned up quite a bit and is now run by a major corporation.

The tone of the game is interesting as Volition is going in a completely different direction than the Grand Theft Auto series. If Grand Theft Auto IV was a Martin Scorsese film then Saints Row 2 is a Kevin Smith/Michael Bay collaboration. There's nothing wrong with that as the game is filled with more adult innuendo and over the top violence than any two other games on the market. There are no real moral quandaries or hard decisions to make in the game as the game allows you to let your id flow without consequences."

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