Ubisoft Entertainment: An Important Announcement from Massive Entertainment to The Division 2


Today, we have an important announcement from the development team of Tom Clancy's The Division for you.
The past few years have been incredible for the team here at Massive. When we started working on The Division , it was immediately clear to us that we had something very special here and something we really wanted to do right from the start. But we were also aware that we would not be able to achieve this ambitious goal without your help.

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Darranged316d ago

I was hoping for a new Driver game, personally.

316d ago
Fragnum316d ago

Thanks for the submission,

Good article, Great contribution , this is what I come to N4G for :)

Great day for gaming news.

Septic316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Told you guys it was coming but no one believed me 😊 (Well maybe some did..who knows)

WilliamSheridan315d ago

I'm really excited for the sequel and looking forward to that Xbox One X enhancement patch!

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-Foxtrot316d ago

The Division 2: Escape from New Grindfest

TechnoGoat316d ago

You obviously haven't played it in a while..

PapaBop316d ago

^^^ That's the problem really. So much competition, you have one chance to leave a good impression and people move on. If they take what they've done with the game over it's lifespan and apply it to Division 2 like they basically said they would in the info posted, people's impressions of the game will be vastly different than those who played and quit within a month of the game launched.

fiveby9316d ago

@PopaBop I agree that first impressions last a long time. But I have to give a nod to dev studios who can take in feedback and improve upon their works. It's true some studios walk away but some do not. At least Ubisoft let Massive stick with it and improve. Ubisoft also let the studio improve upon Rainbows 6 Seige too. I'm glad I kept going back so as not to base my opinion on the game based on the initial month of release. It'll be interesting to see what engine changes occur and what they have in store for The Div 2.

UltraNova315d ago

@papa and five

Yes agreed. I wish EA would have stuck with ME:A and let the team behind it work on it and improve it, you know before dissolving them right away.

Its just like (drums) No man's sky, I went back to the game last weekend for an hour or so (after several GBs of updates) and I couldn't believe how much they've added to the game. So much so that if they manage to add coop the game will be resurrected! Maybe in NMS 2? Who knows...

The point is, devs should stick with and be allowed to improve their games. They should keep trying to get better, do better and we in turn will acknowledge their effort and support them, at least i know I will.

Dragonscale315d ago

@techno, you don't always have to play a game to know when its cr4p.

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_-EDMIX-_316d ago

Lol I know right

it was such a strange weird quiet announcement I just scroll down and saw on Facebook on their official page they just announced it.

TechnoGoat316d ago

It got leaked so they tried to get ahead of it .

316d ago
_-EDMIX-_316d ago

@tech -ohhh that makes more sense.

zivtheawesome316d ago

sounds weird that they would make a sequel for a GAAS game so quickly, i would have expected watch_dogs 3 to be announced instead.

smolinsk316d ago

Watch dogs 2 sucks big time, and most of it had for me to do with the super irritating charactor you played with.

Takwin316d ago

I absolutely loved Watch Dogs 2. Redeemed everything bad with a promising but mediocre WD1. Ubisoft has come back BIG time for me with Watch Dogs 2, Assassin's Creed Origins, and Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Far Cry 5 looks awesome too. They redid their formulas and games got a lot more fun.

jznrpg316d ago

Once the money starts to decline they start up a new one

Segata315d ago

I thought WD2 flopped.

Dirtnapstor315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

This is an announcement from Massive not Ubisoft. WD was Montreal not Massive.

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misangeles316d ago

man, they should follow Rainbow Six Siege's example and keep improving/adding content. They finally had an increase in players over the past few months and should have continued to build on that with new content, not move on to the next installment.

_-EDMIX-_316d ago

Well they might be trying to alter specific mechanics so much so that they makes more sense for a sequel then to keep continuing the same engine in concept.

We also don't really have an idea of how long they're going to continue to support the division so for all we know they might still be actually continuing to support it to some degree.

yeastori316d ago

Uh they do, do that with the Division

misangeles316d ago

They have been adding content yes, but I meant, continue to do so. Sure it has greatly improved since launch, but most of their stuff has been damage control/tweaking because the game was bleeding players rapidly.

So now that there has been a resurgence, they would have liked to see them continue the support for a few more years, especially in terms of singleplayer content.

All these outfits/sets are giving me hives ;P

Ittoittosai316d ago

The pick up in player count has already disappeared again. The game just isnt what was promised, they over sold and under delivered. I dont think even a new iteration is going to change anything they pretty much in the same boat is D2.

_-EDMIX-_316d ago

"The game just isnt what was promised"

What was it promised to be exactly? Not saying you are wrong, simply have some solid info to back your post

JeffGUNZ316d ago

Please, the game is flourishing with people, especially during Thursday-Monday this month with month long global events.

This game is substantially better then it was at launch. The grind is real and is worth it. Unlike games like Destiny, when you get a good weapon in the Division, such as The House, you feel the reward of power. The optimization, recalibration, gear sets, classified gear sets, etc really should show Bungie how they need to view their weapons and gear.

thorstein316d ago

They are and have been. The article states there are two more updates for the Division.

Gaming_1st315d ago


They constantly updated the game and adding new content. It's still getting updates and new content to this day. They're one of the very few developers that listens to it's customers and has fully supported the game over it's time. They even flew in some of the top division players to get their feedback and ideas on changes and future content.

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Chaosdreams316d ago

I enjoyed the original but I'm a man for the story, and while its setting was intriguing (and the gameplay/customization was great) it eventually became a grind fest (as these games tend to be). I opted out of the dlc but I'll keep an eye on this one, see how it goes.

I personally loved seeing the headquarters come to life through progression - that felt good.

Parasyte316d ago

It didn't help that they left some story points unfinished as well.