Kotaku Preview: So, Has Bionic Commando Been Fixed Yet?

Kotaku writes: "Mike played Bionic Commando a few months back, at a Capcom press event. Said it looked great, but had a few problems. I played it for around 20 minutes today, going through a tutorial level and one regular stage from the game, and you know what? It looks great. But has a few problems.

Namely, that it just doesn't feel right. The game looks nice, and the mechanics of swinging are functional - as in, they're not so broken you can't leave the ground - but the whole thing still feels a little off. Like GRIN are painting a picture, have 98% of it on canvas, and are just standing there, brush in hand, unable to find the inspiration to make those last few strokes and tie the whole thing together."

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SinnedNogara3699d ago

They should please make a Wii version. In the game you would use the Up on the d-pad to launch the grappling hook instead of flinging the controller. The pointer would be used to find where the hook would land. That would be awesome.