PS4 Firmware Update 5.50 Is Now Live; Full Set Of Patch Notes Revealed

Sony has finally revealed the PS4 firmware update 5.50 for all users worldwide. This firmware update was in beta phase before and it adds supersampling support.

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UCForce320d ago

I’m still waiting for PSN name change, but these are good list.

Bennibop320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

This wont be done through PS4 Firmware changes (will be changes to PSN. )

Eonjay320d ago

I'm about to go test that Super Sampling and see if it is all its cracked up to be.

ziggurcat320d ago

There would still have to be a FW update in order to add the option in the PS4's menu.

Christopher320d ago

It might require a firmware update if name changes happen via the edit profile section.

kneon319d ago

I expect it will need both. The only reason I can think of for why they haven't been able to do this yet is because they must have stupidly tied your account to your user name rather than some hidden account id. So that would mean all the content that you own is tied to your name, so changing your name breaks those links.

ziggurcat319d ago


I was always told that those in Japan could always change their names (for free even) - I was told it has been that way since the PS3 days.

bouzebbal319d ago

is the play time thing only valid for sub-accounts?
i would like a Wii U like app for every profile telling how long time spent on each software.

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KTF26320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

Seriously, I don't find any reason to not allow users to change PSN name other than stupid decisions they took while designing the Database

and with more than 100 millions user it's difficult to revert stupid decisions in Database design

Cmv38320d ago

Don't choose a name you'll regret and it won't be big deal.

KTF26320d ago

I didn't chose a name I'll regret
but some kids do

and regardless of good or bad names
it's good to have feature
and supporting it is as easy as flipping a switch if the Database is well designed

jaycptza320d ago

because changes too databases of this size is so easy! /s

JackBNimble320d ago

My kid is 17, he was 6 when we made his psn name. It was his name and year of birth, not a stupid psn name at the time but he would like to change it if could now.

Christopher320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

The reason is outdated database security. It's not a good reason, but that's what it is.

Scholla319d ago

Question, if you change your name and your friends let's say know you as "dumdum23" for 5 years wouldn't that be super confusing to them? I mean the only way that could really work is if all your friends get a notification everytime you changed it. But even then.

KTF26319d ago

if the Database is well designed I can write the code
if not it's nightmare even for big team

kneon319d ago

It has to be more than just the database, that would be a relatively easy fix regardless of the size.

I believe the problem is that digital content is likely tied to your account via your user name. So that would require updating not only the account database, but also make changes to the system security code that verifies the content owner.

KTF26319d ago

That's simply a big Database design flaw

rainslacker319d ago

I wouldn't say it was a stupid decision back in the day. Databases can be extremely complex, and no doubt PSN has a complex relational database that is somehow tied to the person's username to link multiple different sets of data.

It's not to say that Sony couldn't have rectified this long ago, just that I wouldn't really call it a stupid decision based on a retrospective look.

Army_of_Darkness319d ago

Jezz.. Why are people crying about this name change thing as if your life and reputation depends on it lol! I'd like to change my name as well, but I ain't sweating it cause what's most important is me still being able to access all my games and enjoying them ;)

chris235319d ago

no but one could tweak a database to fit the needs. it‘s more of a resource question i guess. no one got the time at sony to actually sit down and tweak the whole thing with great chances of downtime to the psn. not worth the hassle. and frankly, no one needs that namechange function. the ps4 is not a social media gadget in the first place. and others who feel like a stupid handle will have an impact to anything might need help.

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AnubisG320d ago

I don't get why this is so important. No one should rush choosing their names on PSN. I sat down and tought about it for a while and I'm very happy with my PSN name. I was only 22 when I created my PSN account. So if a 14 year old kid picks a name like xXpU$$yHuntaXx they deserve to be stuck with that name. It refelcts their IQ very well.

SamPao320d ago

cmon, just let them change their name, its not like its a sin or something :D

Xenophon_York320d ago

I use my actual name, which has changed since originally starting a PSN account.

BlackOni320d ago

Are you the same person you were 12 years ago?

Christopher320d ago

1. IQ doesn't change from 14 to 22 at a noticeable level.

2. Wisdom is the reference you're looking for, and there's a reason it tends to come with age and experience.

3. It's still not a good reason to not allow people to change their name. Most websites allow name changes because people change, same should be true of account names for online gaming.

jugo14319d ago Show
ImGumbyDammit319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

I think it should be changeable in a limited manner. First couple of changes are free then they charge you. Without skin in the game, people will just take advantage of a completely unlimited number times ruining the process (you can't have nice things because people will always take advantage). Perhaps, getting two free renames with any more additional having a usage charge but you also get a free rename or reset to 2 free renames every 5 or so years. Just spitballing.

Umb319d ago

Lol...I agree, the younger generation needs to learn about the consequences of their action no matter how small.

This helps teach them to think things through before actioning it, and maybe just maybe we will see less of the stupid things that see/hear today.

Nah, this world is too far gone.....

rainslacker319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

I agree with you Umb, but at the same time, I'm not one to think that a person should be forced to live with a simple lapse in judgement for the rest of the life. At least not for something insignificant.

Choosing a name isn't really the kind of thing that would cause someone to learn a strong life lesson. It's more an annoyance where people just change over time, and may want to reflect that change through a screen handle.

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Fragnum319d ago

I've been looking at the patch notes and this is a great update and really good news for PS4 gamers with 1080p TV's.

Sony is on a bit of a roll this week :)

SierraGuy319d ago

Just make a new profile or go play Xbox. It's not hard.

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SheenuTheLegend320d ago

maybe this also fixes the webkit exploit which was released last week for latest fw's

joestrummer77320d ago

it does,im staying on 5.05 for while,see if anything turns up.

320d ago
Kingdomcome247319d ago

What's that? My console has probably already auto downloaded the firmware update, so no going back for me.

Old_Boss_320d ago

So i got a question, where do we get the themes

stokedAF320d ago

They are under add ons in the store.

napuv319d ago

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marcoskids320d ago

In the PS store under games > add ons > themes :)

SolidGear3319d ago

With the disagrees, I'm guessing nobody wants you to find a new theme :(

FallenAngel1984320d ago

Still no name changes or trophy listing customization

Gaming_1st320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

Name changes will not be in a firmware update, it pertains to PSN and not firmware.

Knushwood Butt320d ago

Quite glad that you can delete notifications. Was getting sick of being reminded that I couldn't download P.T.

UCForce320d ago

You are right about that.

Akarogg 319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Such a tragedy though, P.T had so much promise. I will recreate it in Dreams when it launches

neoandrew320d ago

Oh man, thats sadistic from sony xD

BlackOni320d ago

Real Talk! That's what I get for upgrade to the Pro, amirite?

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