Guitar Hero to go online?

RedOctane president Kai Huang says we can expect the publisher's music games on next-generation consoles to include downloadable content and online play.

"Online is definitely going to be a huge component of what we're planning," Huang told, "whether that's downloading new music or characters or skins or online play features, those are the things that are really going to be the major changes for next-gen."

Huang also reiterated that RedOctane's exploring its options in terms of new peripherals - and not just guitars either.

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greenlynxx6309d ago

Does this mean it is going to the 360 as well?

PS360PCROCKS6309d ago

Not sure where you got this from...but it would be cool if it did, I love the PS2 one, I almost bought a ps2 just for the game but it wasn't logical

Gh0stDrag0n6309d ago

Dueling banjoes anyone? HA HA HA!!!!! =p

PS360PCROCKS6309d ago

This is awesome! This is such a frickin cool game...

PS360PCROCKS6309d ago

This game is even better drunk I might add

sonyISgod6309d ago

Sony Own these Company that made this game, so too bad.


Ben 10 Omniverse 2 - One Good Game Doesn't Deserve Another

Ben 10 Omniverse 2 followed the commendable original title with a lacklustre cash-in. Such a shame for the kids.


Cyberpunk 2077 Creepy Family Photo Stealthily Fixed in Update 2.0

CD Projekt RED has sneakily fixed that jarring Cyberpunk 2077 creepy family photo as part of the big Update 2.0 roll out.

Jin_Sakai1d 5h ago

I tossed 3 grenades at cops on the PS5 version and the game crashed. 😂

mastershredder1d 4h ago

The set up to this is so dumb in/a forgettable, who gives a f moment. Nice focus on what’s really broken with this game.

thorstein22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

This game is now almost as broken as the launch version.

I literally saw a blown up police car just "driving" (floating) down the street. What the heck is going on? The CDPR official site has a post about all the new bugs that is 11 pages long.

Stuttering. Crashes. Glitches like Jackie sticking a gun in his head. NPCs floating around with their arms oustretched.

Headless NPCs talking to you after they were killed.

Yeah, the PR stunt didn't work, liars.


It looks like Counter-Strike 2 will launch next week

As if 2023 wasn't stacked enough Valve seems to be teasing Counter-Strike 2's impending launch

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