State of Decay 2's $29.99 Price Could Be the Future of Microsoft Exclusives

Not too long ago it was revealed that Microsoft’s newest exclusive video game for Windows 10 and Xbox One, State of Decay 2, would cost $29.99 at retail when it goes on sale in March of this year. The price came as a surprise to some, but there’s a chance Microsoft is testing the waters for something big.

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Thatguy-3101048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Highly doubt that. This game was never a AAA franchise and setting it up with that price tag would've made it hard for it to stand out. Don't expect Gears, Forza, Halo or any of MS AAA to carry the 30$ price tag.
With an attractive price, this game can easily bring in new players with ease.

theXtReMe11048d ago

I agree. It would lessen the value of Game Pass. Because it would take 4 games at $30 each to equal the value of Game Pass, which means Microsoft would have to guarantee 4 first party titles a year on the service to make it worth more than just buying the titles at retail. At $50 or $60 each, it makes Game Pass look like a steal. Though, the $30 price tag would appease retailers as long as they still make the same cut, because the choice would still bring gamers who prefer physical into their stores without feeling like they are being railroaded by Game Pass. Though I guess retail can still sell Game Pass and Xbox Store cards.

Though I do think you are right and this is just for this game.

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343_Guilty_Spark1048d ago

They’ll be on game pass though

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CitizenFour1047d ago

I agree, this game was never intended to be a AAA franchise. Undead Labs is a relatively small team. The first game sold for cheap but it sold well. I think they figured why change that?
I found more value in that first game, than I have in many AAA games. I was actually prepared to pay more for the sequel, but I'm glad that they are sticking with a lower price point. I don't think this game will have trouble selling and I hope Undead Labs has major success with the second game this year.

rainslacker1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

It's weird that despite a number of mid-tier games games being released for less than $60, no other game until this one has been some indicator that game prices across the board were somehow going to go down. When R&C released for $40, it was because its budget wasn't the same as a full AAA game. Same applies here. It's not an indication of anything other than mid-tier games are likely to be cheaper instead of just pushing them out for $60.

Absolutely nothing in the industry points to game prices as a whole going down. If anything, they'll go up.

MS would lose a lot of revenue by releasing something of the caliber of Halo or Gears at $30. They'd have to sell twice as many copies at $30 to make the same amount of revenue, and actual profit margins would be reduced due to distribution costs. They won't make it back with Game Pass either, because individual title's profits aren't calculated in such ways for business. There is nothing to suggest that a game like Halo or Gears would sell twice as many copies at that price, because there comes a point where you just don't sell a significant amount more. On top of that, it's well proven that people are willing to spend $60 on it, so why not maximize profits.

Sure, it'd be well received if their bigger games came out cheaper....and rightfully so, but such a thing wouldn't be in any way sustainable. So for all the consumer good will it would bring, they'd actually be throwing away potential revenue.

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ZaWarudo1048d ago

People are looking into this far too much. The first game was $20 on 360. It's one of those xbla (they still have that right?) games

FallenAngel19841048d ago

When was State of Decay ever a AAA franchise? You can’t equate this upcoming game with all of Microsoft’s other AAA releases like Halo, Gears of War & Forza.

Sony for example releases some titles for $39.99 but you don’t see them doing that with all of their titles because it wouldn’t make sense. Not every game is made with the same budget, and those with lower budgets often have lower retail costs.

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FlyingFoxy1048d ago

AAA does not mean a game is great to everyone, just like film taste it's all subjective. I can think of at least a few popular titles i don't like.

Heelix1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

not really
SOD2 might just be a low budget title
probably more replay value than most 'full priced' games

maybelovehate1048d ago

Between GamePass and this new pricing scheme Microsoft is really setting a nice precedent. Let's hope it becomes the normal.

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Goldby1048d ago

Ms will never sell a forza or halo game at 30$

maybelovehate1047d ago

They will both be included with Game Pass.. 9.99

Goldby1047d ago

Ok... You still don't own the game.

Sea of theives is proof enough that the 30$ price tag isn't and wont be the norm

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