Shocking: Left 4 Dead Rated M by ESRB

Well, shockingly, Left 4 Dead was rated "M" by the ESRB for PC and Xbox 360. Apparently, the projectile vomiting, exploding corpses, undead prehensile tongues, disembowelings, decapitations, blood, gore, and general mayhem warranted the harsh rating.

Honestly, "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language"? The ESRB can be so moralistic and exclusive - this is a perfect game for kids. It teaches them how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Letting them play is actually a civic duty.

Are you looking forward to this sweet, casual education game?


[The British Board of Film Classification has given Left 4 Dead a rating of 18.]

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sunnygrg3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I thought they were being sarcastic.

The gore in the game absolutely warrants the Mature Ratings.

shovelbum3658d ago

Is this really news? Anyone who has seen the vids could have drawn that conclusion. I am so looking forward to this title.

Timesplitter143658d ago

in my opinion, in a perfect world, the most intense gore would be rated PG13. And same for plain nudity.

(btw I know the title is a joke. Just saying)

eddispider3658d ago

This game looks awesome.Cant wait to buy it for my xbox 360.
Good thing i have both ps3 and 360.Too many good games for both.Im gonna be skint this christmas.

Strife Lives3658d ago

Gees,remember last year? Game after game,all of them great and worthy of purchase.Its happening again,I want this so bad, but I dont think I can get it.Got Fable2 and Fallout 3 to buy.Then Im buying a PS3. after that theres potentially Dead Space. and a must must buy GeOW2! I cannot afford this right now. Lol

plain rice3658d ago

Good thats how I like my games.

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The story is too old to be commented.