Blizzard Spills Beans on 'StarCraft 2 Trilogy'

At BlizzCon StarCraftWire caught up with Chris Sigaty to find out the latest news on the game. Chris talks about when and how the 'StarCraft Trilogy' came to be, details on how you play with others in multiplayer, pricing, computer player AI and eSport.

The two more interesting topics are about how close the StarCraft 2 alpha and beta is and what 2.0 features we will see.

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Leord3656d ago

I'm personally very happy about this change, I know some people are afraid that they will have to end up spending $150, but that's like over a 2 year period, and we'll get SO much content ;)

player_729853656d ago

I somehow don't see how Dustin had not heard of the "Warcraft III project that was converting into Starcraft" project... Project Revolution was and is, a huge project that was converting Warcraft III into Starcraft, and they were made famous over the years, and even recently released a demo. Blizzard hides secrets, secrets I say! :P

I personally can't wait for SC II to come out, 3 seperate games.. meh who cares! 1 game you get the basic story while the others just add upon that and give the players more with each exp. Not to mention that the game will be coming with the Editor once it is released, so where there may be cause for concern, there's still the Editor to last a good while.

Leord3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

There was a rumour circulating that one of these total conversions had to shut down. As far as I know, there is only one TC for this, which is the above mentioned one.

Very odd. Coold that Dustin is very positive to other modding anyway. I know Sigaty has also said that fans are likely to make races of every known game ever in SC, like a mod.

theCHUNK3656d ago

It's just like the other expansions that Blizzard has done in the past. I generally trust Blizzard to give me my money's worth.

Leord3656d ago

Yeah, that's the thing. Look at history. When were you last disappointed in a Blizzard game? Honestly, never =P

Medievaldragon3656d ago

For as long as cinematics and gameplay are awesome, and the lore is expanded in very cool ways, I don't mind the three episode trilogy. I would really love to play beta before summer.

Leord3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I'm almost positive we'll have beta before summer.

Leviathon3656d ago

Pretty likely we can see the beta in the next few months if the Alpha they are in right now will last the same time period as WotLK and TBC's.

Rovdjuret3656d ago has really shaped since the first starcraft wonder what they will add this time :)

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The story is too old to be commented.