How Shadow of the Colossus’ Ending Betrays its Own Storytelling

Saying that Shadow of the Colossus throws you in the deep end would be an understatement. 2018 is some people’s first time playing the 2005 classic from Fumito Ueda and Team Ico, and during those thirteen years the insurmountable reputation of Shadow of the Colossus had only grown.

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Fragnum319d ago

Interesting take on the ending of SotC, despite being very well written I can't say I agree with the writers points, as personally I thought the ending was fantastic and all my questions answered.

**Spoilers below**

I love the idea that by stealing the sword you are trying to do good, The thinking you are the hero when actually you are the unwitting villain.

The subtle visual clues in your characters skin becoming greater as you slay each giant and the final revelation that despite achieving your task you are to become the victim of your own success.

For me the strong but silent narrative made SotC one of the most interesting and immersive experiences I have played.

Nonetheless, A well written and interesting submission.

Hardiman318d ago

I love the ending as well and it always stuck with me. The Remake is so detailed and fleshed out that the cues and ending have much more of an impact IMO. Truly a modern day masterpiece!

SuperSonic91317d ago

All characters in this game has both "good" and "bad" except the animals.

The moral of this game is like what the Bible says "Do not judge."

This game's storytelling and ending is a masterpiece according to Guillermo Del Torro and me.

PhoenixUp319d ago

The ending of Shadow of the Colossus is perfect for the story it's portraying

In fact after watching this video, the ending conveys multiple interpretations for that actual title of the game.

I never knew “Shadow of the Colossus” could have so many meanings

Fragnum319d ago

Thanks for the link Phoenix,

Great video :)

Hardiman318d ago

Really enjoyed watching this!

SuperSonic91317d ago

Like Bluepoint said " This game's storytelling is still unmatched today."

forkymental318d ago

I don't know how it is for others, but this isn't a game I play for the story. The story is as barebones as a videogame story can get. The fun in this game comes from hunting and tackling the colossus.

stefan_771318d ago

I couldn't get into this game

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