Grand Forks Herald Reviews: Wario Land: Shake It!

Grand Forks Herald writes: "On the figurative side, the arrival (and, more importantly, fan anticipation) of "Shake It" reminds us not only that 2-D games continue to be viable on the big screen, but remain capable of creating experiences that a third dimension takes away.

That's not necessarily a gush about the game itself, which doesn't break ground so much as adequately use the tools at its disposal. The "Wario Land" series has been a Game Boy fixture for years now, and "Shake It" liberally borrows from the ground rules established by its predecessors. Wario's primary arsenal still consists of running, jumping and bull rushing and butt-stomping through blocks of stone and steel, and you need only the Wiimote's face buttons and D-pad to pull these moves off. The nunchuck attachment isn't even utilized."

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