T-bagging: A Rage Only Gamers Understand... And Enjoy

Anyone who's ever played an online FPS has experienced this, whether they are the perpetrator or not, but T-Bagging is a rage only gamers understand.

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Cy320d ago

My favorite thing is someone getting shot in the head while teabagging

Usperg320d ago

Nothing like T-bagging a mouthy tryhard.

AnubisG320d ago

I always laugh when I see people doing it to me. But when I do see people do this to me, expect it in return.😁

Uglyday320d ago

T bagging is a rage only gamers understand? Pretty sure road rage is exactly the same and just a little bit deadlier. Oh really, you passed me? Well now I have to break check and tailgate you till my immaturity is satisfied.

But if you do have a rage only gamers understand maybe you should talk to Trump.

Katsa9319d ago

Road rage is a different rage. Like you said, road rage involves brake checking and tailgating. It would be weird to see a guy T-bagging another guy on the side of the road. Not impossible, but not really something common to road rage the way it is to gaming.

InTheZoneAC320d ago

I tbag a lot but it never bothers me and sometimes I'm just laughing at the idiot who does because he maybe got one random shot in while his teammate helped. I do get seriously frustrated at laggers, though.

Jinger320d ago

I always laugh at the guy who I have been spanking the entire round, finally killing me, and then tbagging out of frustration. I just laugh, and make sure to tbag him back everytime I kill him after haha

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The story is too old to be commented.