China to Give Social Credit Strikes to Video Gamers

It’s never fun to have your relatives criticize your technology-laden habits at family gatherings. But what if it was the government condemning you? Chinese citizens will be at risk of life-punishment should they participate in too many video games.

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PoSTedUP226d ago

they would give me the death penalty. that sucks for them tho.

AnubisG226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

That is horrible. However, Asians can and do get carried away with video games to a point where they are actually dying from playing so much so something needs to be done there. But not this.

kevnb226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

You do realize you are talking about several billion people as if they are all the same. If you look hard enough you can find people doing just about anything that is possible.

AnubisG226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

You should take your SJW glasses off. We just had an article about a Chinese guy almost dying from gaming so much and when he was taken out of the internet caffee, he kept saying that he wants to continue or save his game. And there are many stories like these coming out of Korea and China as well. Somehow, I don't see the same kind of articles coming from anywhere else.

Obviously there are crazy addicts all over the world but I would wager that there are way more in Asian countries than anywhere else. That could be do to the large population, or because of the culture. I don't know. This is not trashing Asians. It's just simply stating the truth. I know that stating the truth today is a cardinal sin in the eyes of the SJW especially when they think it is offending someone.

Are you asian? If no, how about you don't get offended for them? Thanks!

Elwenil225d ago

Most stereotypes, while currently socially taboo, usually exist for a very good reason.

Derceto226d ago

Love that "President for Life" in China. Things look brighter than ever there, because unopposed authority never gets abused or anything.

EverydayGuy226d ago

What happens if you play offline?

Gh05t226d ago

Well being realistic there's a few problems with that.
1: It's China so most games played are on PC
2: Most games are online

So for the few people who don't fall into those categories may be safe but that certainly isn't the majority of Chinese gamers.

360ICE226d ago

It's a good thing that US and EU are waging trade wars for no reason. Great way to donate the future to authoritarian regimes like China.

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