State of Decay 2: 25 Minutes of 4-Player Co-op Multiplayer


State of Decay 2 is coming soon and bringing with it a number of shiny new features and improvements over the original. Chief among those big changes in the sequel is the addition of up to four-player cooperative multiplayer so you and your friends can finally live out your zombie-apocalypse survival fantasy together.

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slate91226d ago

This looks pretty good!!

Daz226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

Yeah i like how dark it is too.

JaguarEvolved225d ago

The game looks very good. These are the types of games Microsoft need to bring to the Xbox exclusively and not all over the place because I as well as others will most likely choose the best platform to play the games which is on the pc.

Cyborgg225d ago


I definitely agree with you

darthv72225d ago

@Jag, not everyone has a good PC. Not everyone has the desire to build a good PC. Not everyone even wants a PC so that means they will play on a console if they are going to play this game.

MS don't care what you play it on... they just care that you play.

Obscure_Observer225d ago

@JaguarEvolved @Cyborgg

"I as well as others will most likely choose the best platform to play the games which is on the pc."

Just like you do with all multiplatform games on PC and PS4, right? We belive you. /S

ULTp0ltergeist225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

@Jagua Just no, stop it. The platform promotes exclusivity and it's good for value and you can basically play where you want. More games need to get on play anywhere. Console exclusivity should be dying by now. :)

combatcash225d ago

Yes Jaguar because 4 millions plus people didn't just buy PUBG on Xbox It's not like ps4 owners are buying third party games on pc. Lmao these people man, the shit they say doesn't even make sense.

xsta1ker225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

thats the point ms is xbox pc based this was there plan from the launch of the original xbox
but the technology was not good enough at that time for cross play... this was a huge deal to bill gates
from the beginning and he was very vocal about it in 2005.

but even if you buy the game on pc or xbox Microsoft and bill gates get your money
its all about sales and if you have more platforms to sell your product on the bigger the return simple"

Gaming_1st225d ago

Yeah looks very good. Reminds me of a left for dead open world feel, and i like.

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Jinger226d ago

Game looks fantastic, can't wait to get my hands on it.

225d ago
Obscure_Observer225d ago

Simply Awesome! Day One Ultimate Edition Confirmed!

stokedAF225d ago

If you are buying it because it includes state of decay year one then don’t. I bought it last night and Year one won’t unlock until state of decay 2 launches. Totally defeated the purpose of me buying it lol.

PFFT225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

Same here dude! Ultimate Edition it is for me! 4 day early access and 2 free future DLC's! FREAKING HYPE!!!!!!!

darthv72225d ago

I'll get the std edition as I already have the Year One edition of SoD1.

Obscure_Observer225d ago


I already have the Year One Edition. I´ll buy the Ultimate Edition to support Undead Labs while getting future dlcs that i know will be awesome like Breakdown and Lifeline! ;)

stokedAF225d ago

That’s cool I’m just letting people know. I bought it to play year one and it didn’t unlock.

optimus225d ago

@stoked... If you are looking to play the 1st game then you can do it through game pass while you wait for the 2nd....cdkeys has 1 month of game pass for $2.79 . You're welcome.

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IamTylerDurden1225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

I'm surprised it was running on a "high octane PC" rather than an XB1 X. Even on a powerful PC the visuals appeared underwhelming at best. The animations were quite poor as well. Players floated up stairs and looked awkward with lack of fluidity in their movements. The grenade throwing animation was especially poor. The game might be fun with a compelling loot hook but the moment to moment gameplay seemed dull. Combat featured repetitive moves from all the characters. It also didn't look as though it was running very smooth.

Now, i know some ppl might get enraged by anyone who would dare criticise the game, but i feel as though these are valid critiques. Having said all that, the game might be very fun and it could surely improve by launch.

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Automatic79225d ago

This game is going be great with 4 player co op.

Kribwalker225d ago

i can’t be wait to hop in 4 player co-op on this one. The first game was a blast and it looks like they built on that one in every way

lxeasy225d ago

Can't wait to play this with friends

Vasto225d ago

This game does look really good.

DarkVoyager225d ago

Looks much better than I thought it would. Night time is actually pitch black as it should be. Scary.

MegamanXXX225d ago

Doesn't look Scary at all but it looks like it will be a fun game with 4 people. Dying Light was scary at night though

Obscure_Observer225d ago


It´s clear that you never played State of Decay!

It IS scary! They were playing on easy mode! The world wasn´t too crowed with zombies left and right. Dificult levels/missions on State of Decay will make you think very HARD before you venture at night time, because this time you´ll be stripped away of your sense of direction because the night ub the game is pitch black!

And make no mistake, if you screw up and end up swarmed by a horde of zombies nobody will risk their neck to save you, at risk of lost their characther for you! Once you die, your character is dead forever!

Your friends will leave you behind screaming in agony while the zombies eats you alive! >XD

MegamanXXX225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

"It´s clear that you never played State of Decay! It IS scary! They were playing on easy mode!"

Whatever you say buddy. It wasn't never scary to me in my honest opinion (The first game wasn't scary either). Mediocre at best imho

Obscure_Observer225d ago (Edited 225d ago )


"Mediocre at best imho"

Good. Whatever you say buddy. Like all games on Xbox, SoD 2 is simply not for you. Carry on and move on! ;)

PUBG225d ago


Glad to see that you guys are buddies. Great to see how video games bring people together.

mark_parch225d ago

the thing that makes it scary at night is the fact that if you die you die not like in other games like dying light where you just respawn or start from the last checkpoint. that's one of the things that makes sod so unique.

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Cyborgg225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

I don't like the graphics but I'll still check it out. The arcade beat them up State of Decay

shaggy2303225d ago

Except it isn't arcade gameplay, there are RPG elements that mean the more you run, your stamina will increase the more you use blunt weapons there better you will get with baseball bats and pipe wrenches.

Then there is the whole base building aspect, sending people on scavenging missions, finding supplies top enable you to build better defences.