No firmware update needed for video capturing and youtube uploading.

According to Al de Leon @ PS Blog, PS3 already has the feature to capture videos and upload it to youtube, its up to the dev's to implement it:
This is a comment's reply made by Al de Leon -
"This firmware update applies to screenshots only. The PS3 already has the capability to capture videos and upload them to YouTube. Developers are starting to incorporate this into their games, such as PixelJunk Eden."

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sonarus3657d ago

Well i already knew this. The thing is sony devs aren't really doing it. Resistance 2 and KZ2 should have it but don't at least not announced.

If the 1st party isn't using it, the 3rd party won't do it and then its just a useless feature. It would be a huge feature for killzone 2 or resistance 2 though. In fact would be a huge feature if it was available for ALL games and not just up to devs to implement if they like

UltimateIdiot9113657d ago

Yeah, I know there is this japanese game with it and same with PixelJunk Eden. It's a cool feature but I look forward to In-game screenshot. All those bonus artwork unlocks or neat pics during credit will now be background instead of these crappy cam shots.
I love those artwork at the end of Disgaea 3 and so hope in game screenshot is implemented in this game.

sonarus3657d ago

Yea but whats the point if devs don't use it. Devs are lazy and they won't do it unless they have to. Most multiplat devs won't bother since 360 doesn't have the feature no point playing favourites. Only way 3rd party will do it is if sony does it and shows how successful it is

uie4rhig3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

i read somewhere that kz2 would use a recording feature similar to the one found in Halo3 but it would also have a upload to youtube feature... might be wrong but i think i read it somewhere.. ill try to have a look around..

EDIT: just noticed that that information was a reply to my question xD yay :D :P lol

INehalemEXI3657d ago

Warhawk needs Screen cap feature. That would make my day.

WildArmed3657d ago

they'll jump on it.. just like the trophies

Raoh3657d ago

which reminds me..

the eyecreate software needs an update... it should be used more but needs more tweaks and add ons..

screen anbd video grabs are exactly what it needs...

CaptainHowdy3657d ago

wishful thinking, but i would luv some in Heavenly Sword

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The story is too old to be commented.