Crackdown on Xbox One X makes a classic game even better

It's still brilliant. It really is. And on Xbox One X, Crackdown is even better than you remember it. The 2007 classic scales up wonderfully to 4K resolution


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Asuka319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Idk what you would define a classic, but I did enjoy the original back in the day.

SCW1982319d ago

I agree, I had a ton of fun with it back in the day but calling it a classic is a bit generous.

Sonyslave3319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Yes the 1st CD was a classic

SCW1982319d ago

Made me laugh. Would love to know what else you consider a classic?

HaveSumNuts319d ago

I have an old pair of dirty socks in my cupboard - classic

319d ago
Death319d ago

Downplaying anything Microsoft is a sure fire classic.

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Cyborgg319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

I don't even think Crackdown 3 will top this *classic*??. After watching this no big difference at all.

2pacalypsenow319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Wait, when did crackdown become a classic?

Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Bioshsock those are classics.

darthv72319d ago

It is by virtue of it being the first that designates it as a classic. It is also the standard to which the other games in the series takes after.

bluefox755319d ago

You're ignoring the last half of the definition. Obviously people are referring to that part (highest quality) when they say classic

darthv72319d ago

Well seeing as many have said the first is better than the second then it too would be of the highest quality in the series. Hence, still falling into the definition of classic.

SCW1982319d ago

You are reaching really far with that, careful you don't fall over. Bubsy must be considered a classic.

darthv72319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

@scw, the original would be... yes because it falls into the criteria of the definition.

Now as to whether people actually find it to be that way is personal opinion.

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spicelicka319d ago

It's a great game and well loved, back then no other game had explosions like it. Also sitting at an 83 on Metacritic, that can easily be considered a classic, at least a cult classic.

maybelovehate319d ago

I wish I could find my old disk. Not sure why this isn't part of GamePass.

Dlaw76319d ago

I'm glad I have Da X this thing is amazing

Markusb33319d ago

Since when was this a classic ? Also is this what the xbox has become a place to recycle last generation where we all gush over games from years ago due to a feature? It's a great feature but this is a bit rich

Sonic_Vs_Mario319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

I prefer playing the games I already own on Consoles and PCs without repurchasing them again. Super Mario 64, Halo 4, Crackdown 1, Project Gotham Racing, The Getaway, Street Fighter 3 etc... These games are in my own opinion.

Yetter318d ago

nope, just an added bonus. Sea of Thieves out in 12 days. State of Decay in 2 months. Its a real good time to play xbox

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