The terrifying new action-rpg “Dolmen” is premiering at GDC 2018

The Brazil-based independent developer Massive Work Studio is thrilled to announce today that its premier Sci-Fi Third-Person Action-RPG DOLMEN will make its North American debut at GDC 2018 in San Francisco this month.

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TGG_overlord223d ago

I thought of "Dead Space". So, yeah, cool indeed.

Timesplitter14224d ago

Generic Scifi Armor Dude.... favorite character

TGG_overlord223d ago

I would have gone for something else, but maybe that's just me.

jznrpg224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

I like action-rpgs , hopefully it’s good . Combat looked a little Souls-ish , not sure that’s a good thing or not yet, it depends on how well they do it and what they add or don’t add

camel_toad224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Thought the same thing about the combat looking Souls-ish. I'm always hoping for more devs to make souls-type games but it all comes down to the quality of combat and environments. Lords of the Fallen was a decent enough souls-ish game but I couldn't even be bothered finishing The Surge mainly because of the environments. Just bland and uninteresting.

TGG_overlord223d ago

I have to admit that I got some rather mixed feelings about the game for now. So I hope that GDC 2018 will change that.

TGG_overlord223d ago

"Dark Souls" meets "Dead Space", kind of.

masterfox224d ago

huh interesting?...I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.