UK Data: Over 20% of Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and Battlefront II sales were digital

Between 20 - 23% of big blockbuster console games are sold as downloads in the UK.

That's according to data published in the latest Entertainment Retailer's Association yearbook, which combines sales data from IPSOS's GSD digital download project with GfK physical retail figures.

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DivineAssault 226d ago

I wonder how many were kids using their parents account to just download it without permission lol

UCForce225d ago

Well, at least Physical games still strong.

UCForce225d ago

Even you the one who want to push digital even further. Like seriously ? Are you trying to destroy physical gaming ? Is that sound “optional” to you ?

Relientk77225d ago

I think you mean their parents credit card

226d ago
Sgt_Slaughter225d ago

Only 20%? That's way lower than I anticipated considering how many people keep saying the "all digital future" is right around the corner.

Really glad 80% was physical sales, I want discs and carts to stick around for as long as possible, or forever. No one considers the fact that not everything will suddenly become digital in the future like most sci-fi movies depict.

_-EDMIX-_225d ago

I think it has to do with a combination of bandwidth caps waiting for the game to download on top of hard drives taking up space.

It's easier to just get a physical Game beat the game and just deleted off the hard drive especially considering it could be uploaded in mere minutes.

I think digital games will always remain a nice casual option.

Physical will always be the preferred method especially based on ownership.

UCForce225d ago

I’m glad Physical still hold strong.

Kabaneri225d ago

Sorry Im guilty Im simply too lazy to get up and have to change the disc.

UCForce225d ago

For me, I feel exciting when I go out to buy new game in store. It’s never get old.

Kabaneri225d ago

I used to feel that, but I despise Gamestop and their business practices and they deserve to go the way of Blockbuster imo.

_-EDMIX-_225d ago

I'm happy when I get a new game and I just put it in my PlayStation 4 and I'm playing in less than 3 minutes lol

I also like knowing I own my game I also like knowing that when I'm done with it it's simply just deleting it off the hard drive and I'm always literally 3 minutes away from being able to play it.

getbacktogaming225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

I'm a different kind of lazy... I don't want to have to either replace my hard drive or download 50 GB games every time I want to play them... Meanwhile I do miss my 360 when I could just put a disc in and play it without a 30 minutes installation

UCForce225d ago

I do understand and agree with you about GameStop. But in my country, there are some my local game stores that are good with customers.

_-EDMIX-_225d ago

But you're telling me changing multiple hard drives or dealing with having to redownload content and do storage management is more convenient?

Trust me buddy when that hard drive gets corrupted we're going to see just how convenient that becomes for you...

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