Should You Stop Buying Games at Launch?

It can be great to buy the latest games as soon as they come out! But is it really worth it in the long run?

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Pantz223d ago

I always buy games at lunch, why not?

Kurisu223d ago

Most people just get a meal deal. You must have money to burn!

Pantz223d ago

Burger King games baby! Big Bumpin' - Sneak King - Pocket Bike Racer - get some burgers, get some games.

The_Sage223d ago

Lol, Pantz... I forgot all about Burger King games.

darthv72223d ago

I never buy games at launch. I generally wait for sales or people who have traded them in / 2nd hand market. I'm a cheap bastard but I still get the cool games. I just don't pay full price or have the need to be first in line.

xfiles2099223d ago

Just buy everything else but Xbox games with Game Pass It kinda makes no sense to pay for something full price when you can play it for only 10.00

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AZRoboto223d ago

Assassin's Creed was $60 on October 27. Black Friday weekend it was $35. Wolfenstein II released the same day and was $25 on Black Friday.

If you bought both of those games on Black Friday, you could've bought the third game released their same day - Super Mario Odyssey, with your savings.

Seraphim223d ago

this is one exception. games releasing late in the year are always available for $30-40 around Black Friday. Because of this I personally try avoiding games later in the year and wait until Black Friday. That is unless it's a game I really want to play and don't have anything I want to play atm. Even then sometimes I'll dig something up to hold me over.

To the point. with Amazon and the internet it really is a bit of a waste to buy games right away. 1-3 months later the game is $30-40. Also with all this GaaS and DLC it really would be best to wait. Instead of picking up a game and being done with and bored after a month, at best, if you waited there would be more content; at least in some cases.

Personally, despite the benefits and points one could make I'll continue buying games at launch. There's always going to be some that I decide to hold off on for whatever reason/s. But a good majority of what I play will be pre-ordered, owned & more likely than not played on Day 1.

fenome223d ago

It's not just about price though, it's patches and add-ons. I still haven't bought FFXV, still not in a hurry. It's weird too, I used to pre-order Final Fantasy every single time until XII.

_-EDMIX-_223d ago

But you could say that about any game that's releasing to be honest at the end of the day anyone who's a mega fan of these games also wants to play them upon release as opposed to just waiting months to get it at a discount price so I believe they fully understand that the extra money that they're paying brand new is to be able to experience it when they want to.

Derceto223d ago

This question is about 5 years too late already. Yes, you should stop buying games at launch. These days, more than ever.

The_Sage223d ago

I'm buying Agony at launch.. If it ever launches.

thorstein223d ago

No. But you should stop writing shitty articles.

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