Trade-in Game Program Details Emerge on

NextGen Player writes:

"This past June, NextGen Player reported that Futureshop would be testing the game trading market. Well now Futureshop has officially announced their trade-in program on their website.

40 of their 134 stores across Canada will be participating in the trade in program."

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TheColbertinator3658d ago

Good.This should help them compete with Gamestop effectively


Anything has to be better than GAMESTOP "screw u" program.

Johnny Rotten3657d ago

I'm sick of being raped from EB, I think I'll let Future Shop give it a try for awhile.

One of the good things about Blu-ray is that it takes alot for the disk to scratch so buying used is no big deal!

R2-JD3657d ago

Yeah EB Games trade-in values are a joke. Hopefully Future Shop has better values on games. The only problem is non of the Manitoba stores have game trading as of yet.