Mark Hamill could be in The Witcher TV show

From GameWatcher: "Following a fan suggestion, Mark Hamill says he is happy to play mentor Vesemir in The Witcher Netflix TV series, despite not knowing anything about the source material."

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Bhuahahaha252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

nah sean bean is better for vesemir ahahahahaha
when it comes to dying no one does it better than sean

Chaosdreams252d ago

Lol The man literally always dies - and he's so likeable too. That said, I do like both options.

vabaw252d ago

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Uglyday252d ago

Sean Bean is already in a Netflix show so they might as well keep him under contract.

AletsMQ251d ago

The adaption is from the books, not the game. Vesemir actually never dies.

chris235252d ago

what? netflix wants to do a tv show of the witcher? are they aware of the show game of thrones and that they need to top that to justify this production? seems like another brainfart got greenlighted..... or... they just need to lose money to cut taxes.

Uglyday252d ago

Ya game of thrones is the only reason we get a chance to see this, so yes they are aware. Now zip yo lips so we can get more mediocre fantasy.

Xenophon_York252d ago

Was Mark doing anything other than voice work before rejoining the recent Star Wars movies? Seems as though he had been visually absent from the entertainment industry for the past thirty years until recently.

252d ago