Why Bloodborne is the Greatest Game of This Generation

Thank goodness for From Software, who gave this generation its bite with the release of Bloodborne, one of the true greats.

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chrisx317d ago

it's one of the top 7 greatest games of this gen that's for sure.

doos_vd_kak317d ago

Bloodborne is a masterpiece and easily one of the best games this gen.

Army_of_Darkness317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

No... It would have to be the last of us part 2. Yes, I have not played it yet, but going by what I've seen so far, plus my experience with the first, I know it's gonna be one amazing game!

Fragnum317d ago


"Bloodborne is a masterpiece and easily one of the best games this gen"

Absolutely agree 100%

From Software took everything that was great about the 'Souls games, added a fresh setting, weapons, storyline and soundtrack and created what is without doubt one of the finest experiences ever created, period.

TFJWM317d ago

List your top 7 then...

bouzebbal316d ago

i got some tough platinum before but this one is one of the platinums i enjoyed the most.
not necessarily difficult, just very enjoyable.
You never do same task twice.

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Deep-throat317d ago

Bloodborne is the best PS4 exclusive. But Sony didn't bother enhance it on the PS4 Pro.

yomfweeee317d ago

Sony doesn't control From Software.

moomoo319317d ago

Boost mode on pro gives the game a nice little bump

PurpHerbison317d ago

Despite being the greatest game of the generation, it does need enhancing for the Pro. They could totally fix the frame pacing issues and fps drops if they wanted to.

deno317d ago

I'd have to say uncharted 4 is the best ps4 exclusive. The Indiana Jones of adventure games. A masterpiece.

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SuperSonic91317d ago

Looks like any game "inspired" by Shadow of the Colossus turns out to be great i.e. Demon's Souls, Uncharted, Bloodborne, Twilight Princess, Resident Evil 4, etc etc

Traingamez317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

all souls games are "inspired" by fromsoftwares previous games that came out WAY before shadow of the snorefest, see shadow tower abyss and kingsfield

compared to souls games shadow of the colossus is a bleak, boring, trite, unfinished mess

jijat317d ago

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SilverDemon317d ago

In an interview with Miyazaki (creator of DS1 BB and DeS) he stated that the reason he left his old job and became a game dev is because ico and SotC inspired him and wanted to make games that tell a story with minimum words/cutscenes

SuperSonic91317d ago

People people don't know their games....

Infact Miyazaki's games are HEAVILY INFLUENCED by SOTC

Bastrad317d ago Show
frostypants317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

In what reality are any of those games inspired by Shadow of the Colossus? WTF? The Soulsborne games are successors to King's Field, which came before SotC.

SuperSonic91317d ago (Edited 317d ago )


Miyazaki said it himself... read please and wipe your tears away

PS. He joined Fromsoftware in 2004 because of Fumito Ueda's story telling integrated to game play mechanics.

Facts mate, facts. His game's difficulty is influenced by SOTC Enjoy!

SuperSonic91317d ago

Naughty Dog directors said it themselves. Ueda's games influnced Uncharted Nd TLOU
from the get go.

Sirk7x317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Twilight Princess? The Zelda formula was created in the 80s man. Also, Resident Evil 4 came out before Shadow of the Colossus. I'd also argue that the combat system in the Souls games took influence from Monster Hunter, although Fromsoftware has been in the game for a very long time. Not that Shadow of the Colossus wasn't fantastic. I think that, Ico and Okami really cemented the idea that games could be incredibly artistic, and probably has inspired loads of creativity since.

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imtiyaz6317d ago

It’s still unfair how the Witcher 3 stole all the spotlight from this masterpiece. Witcher 3 is good but Horizon already surpassed it with its superior combat system, while BB still remains unmatched.

SuperSonic91317d ago

No worries Japan Studio's games stand the test of time. Bloodborne will be remembered for a long time.

NXFather316d ago

What is the best game this gen from your thoughts? Don't PM me either.

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Hylian10317d ago

It's in my top 5 games of all time.


madforaday317d ago

I was going to say, BB is one of my top 5 games of all time maybe even in the top 3. No matter how much I love Mario 64, Bloodborne beats Mario 64 in every department. I think nostalgia gets to a lot of people.

Nintentional317d ago

Really, because my nostalgia for games like Castlevania Circle of the Moon, and Aria of Sorrow are what make me absolutely love Bloodborne even more.

I almost excusively use the Threaded Cane in that game, it makes me think of what it would be like if Konami still gave a crap about Castlevania and made a new one.

Uken12317d ago

Bloodborne is an awesome game. Great environment, cool story, cool concept and very fresh.
But it has some huge flaws imo. If someone told me it was their greatest game of this gen, I would understand.

Mario64 is still amazing, nostalgia has nothing to do with it. I actually beat it 100% on my wii U before Odyssey released. The controls are still great and everything. The problem is that no Mario after that has pushed Mario64 to even further levels.
Also BB and Mario64 aren't good comparisons. If you like one style of game over the other, than that is a different story.

But Bloodborne pales in comparison to it's predecessor, DARK SOULS. Less content, less customization, less of everything. Dark Souls has better Boss design also.

Zelda: BotW so far is my game of the Generation. But we have quite a few good ones. Also Mario 3D World is up there. Full game Destiny 1 is pretty awesome. Bloodborne is one of my tops for this gen for sure.

Prubar317d ago

I own all consoles but consider myself an Xbox fan. With that said BB is definitely in my top ten. Everything about it is right up my alley.

Sgt_Slaughter317d ago

Mario 64 is still to this day very playable and the only real issue is the camera, but a 3D open world camera from 1996 is always going to be wonky. Of course Bloodborne would beat it in every department, a game from 2015 better be better than a game from 1996 or it's got problems.

They can co-exist on the same level, they don't have to be compared to each other or put one over the other.

madforaday316d ago

For some reason you guys think I am comparing those games which I wasn't. I was going to put Goldeneye but I just put Mario 64. I still play Mario 64 on my 64.

@Uken12, one of the main reasons why I love BB more is that it doesn't have tons of weapons and have less customizations. The thing BB has is more unique weapons compared to Dark Souls. Just because you have 15 different Great swords doesn't mean you have 15 unique Great Swords. You have one with a different stat but the moveset is the same. Nostaliga as A LOT to do with it and we don't even know. I was 12 years old around when Mario 64 came out, of course, the me now, as a totally different mindset when it comes to this industry. Zelda is one of my favorite games but I just have a hard time with the story. My first hour into the game, Fight Ganon, I am like soo that is it? I personally don't like that ,of course, you get some story elements with Memories but I don't think this is the first time we are fighting Ganon. I always have a hard time pushing forward in games where there is a limited story. The same concept is with Mario Odyssey. I just ended up watching my GF do most of it because I have no urge to move forward in my game. The moons in that game are so simple and easy to get. Mario 64 stars were unique in their own way which was amazing.

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Nintentional317d ago

Same. It reminded me so much of Castlevania. I absolutely adored Bloodborne.

Smitty2020317d ago

I haven’t had chance too play the game yet, it’s downloaded onto my ps4 but need too find the time too play 😔 I hate work lol

G20WLY317d ago

It's popularity is about to explode all over again, thanks to being free on PS Plus right now!

With Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank (!) and three other games for PS4 this month alone, PS+ is killing it!!

Silly Mammo317d ago

I wonder if they released it to the masses because a BB2 is in the works? Basically, giving it away enlarges the fan base.

SourtreeDing317d ago


ithink BB2 is coming this yr

nitus10317d ago

@Silly Mammo

There is a new game that is being made by From Software, however, from the very limited teaser it could be a new Souls game although I very much doubt this since From Software has stated that they have finished with Dark Souls but "Hey you never know since money talks." 😎

It is possible that (again from the limed teaser) that the new game could be BB2 although I would prefer that the game would have a Bloodborne theme with Lovecraftian horror overtones and not actually a Bloodborne 2.

tucky317d ago

Aaaaaargl ... what a joke
Not even in the top 50

Hylian10317d ago

Let me guess, Halo 5 is your favorite game this gen ?

PUBG317d ago

Well Halo5 is certainly one of the top FPS games this gen.

UCForce317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

@PUGB I don’t think so. After 343 did to Halo 5, the game is the weakest of Halo series.

PUBG317d ago

@ UCforce

Perhaps you can explain what 343 "did to Halo 5" so I fully understand what it is that you are referring to, that would be great! Is it the 4 player campaign co-op that they included? Is it the 8 player online co-op that the game has? Is it the multitude of maps and game modes that the online multiplayer offers? Is it the buttery smooth controls and 60 fps gameplay? Is it the fact that the graphics are the best in the series to date?

AmstradAmiga317d ago


What 343 did was tp take the franchises lead protagonist and make him the side story. Lets also not forget the marketing which completely misrepresented the final product. Oh, and don't underestimate the removal of local co-op.

I will say it set up the series for part 6 really well and its hands down still an incredible multiplayer experience.

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doos_vd_kak317d ago

Clearly the game's success bothers you.

Inzo317d ago

Lol your name relays exactly what I think of this Tucky guys comment.

doos_vd_kak317d ago


Glad you appreciate it hahahaha ;)

michellelynn0976317d ago

Bloodborne is a great game. I think it is aa good as Dark Souls.

Uken12317d ago

No it isn't. Not even close. Bloodborne is 1/4 of the game Dark Souls is.

Less than 20 weapons. Less than 20 armors. You can't upgrade armor. The Switchaxe is by far the best weapon in the game. Guns are useless. Farming Bloodviles was horrible in it's first few months of release. Also farming bullets was horrible. Still is.

The Chalice dungeons were extremely boring and tedious, the online set up for them was terrible.

The main game was great. Except it felt very short compared to Demon's Sous, Dark Souls and DS2. Especially Dark Souls.

It's a great game, but not Dark Souls 1 level great.

Mr Marvel317d ago

I'm sure your top 50 games of the generation would be very.... "entertaining" then. lol

Gaming_1st317d ago


By all means list 50 better games this generation then Bloodbourne.

I_am_Batman317d ago

I'd have a hard time not including Bloodborne in a top 10 video games of all time list personally. It's easily my favorite PS4 game. The only games that I could see dethroning it are God of War and Death Stranding.

Razzer317d ago

I'm guessing you suck at the game.....and so it is the games fault.

DialgaMarine317d ago

Likely never even played it. Probably heard PS4 exclusive and started claiming it was a single player linear cutscene QTE fest, while claiming Titanfall was the greatest game of all time.

Cartman55125317d ago

I REALLY want to see you list 50 games that came out this generation better than Bloodborne

DialgaMarine317d ago

Hell, list 50 games period that are better.

SCW1982317d ago

@ ASBO-5
that's what I said. Have you really never heard this term before?

SolidGamerX317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

This article is for people who actually own a console Bloodborne can be played on, so stop trolling.

Elda317d ago

Can't take the truth.

Dark_Knightmare2317d ago

Lol good one lol wait you're serious aren't you?

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mxyzptlk317d ago

one of my favorites of all time