Far Cry 5 Allows You To Build Crazy Levels With Items From Assassin's Creed And Watch Dogs

Arcade Mode could be an interesting addition to Far Cry 5 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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theXtReMe1229d ago

I love the idea, though there are questions that need to be answered...

*Is it any and all assets from those games? Or, is it just some hand picked ones?

*Also, will you need those games to grab the assets from? Or, will Ubisoft have an online database you can pull from?

*How do you program AI for story sequences? And, how intricate can you do it?

*Can you tie together sequences to make an entire game with levels?

*How big of an area can you design? And, How many missions can you add in them?

*Could you theoretically design GTA V and put dozens or hundreds of missions in it? How do you handle animation of objects like random cars or pedestrians driving or walking down a road?

Im very excited, as I always am, over the level editor. Im just wondering how deep we can dive into it and how intricately we can create.

TheCommentator229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

You sound just like me, lol!

For the assets, I assume it won't be all of them, but if it's getting pulled from an online database it quite possibly could include all of them from each game.
For the AI, I would like to be able to at least set patrol routes and boundaries for enemies (guards should guard an area, not chase you across the map).
I would think that missions and such will be memory constrained and not allow for a GTA style experience, but several objectives would be plausible. You could always do your game in "installments" though; with chapters taking place on multiple maps, or the same map but reprogrammed for a new set of objectives.

I've literally spent years in the various editors in the franchise, and they keep getting better very time, so I'm certainly as excited as you are to find out more!

theXtReMe1229d ago

Yea. I thought about doing installments. Im the same in that I love the level editors. Most of the time, more than the game itself. I hope they do mouse and keyboard support. The editors are always so much easier with them.

Maybe we can work on something together.

chris235229d ago

oh jesus. another game that thinks when users are generating content that this game somehow gets better. the opposite is the case. 95% of ugc is utter crap. thanks for nothing, developpers of far cry 5.

D3TH_D33LR229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Lol so salty over options... often times there’s true gems that end up being better experiences than what the dev created.

tixu229d ago

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mastershredder229d ago

Someone is actually whining like that they put in extra features? Good god. Go pick the crud out form under your entitled thumbstick.

DasTier229d ago

Would you argue the same for tacked on unnecessary multiplayer? Ala Bioshock 2

Surely it must take dev time away from other areas of game development?