Get Xbox Game Pass Free For Two Months On Xbox One Using This Trick

Xbox Game Pass offers an amazing value for money. It includes more than 100 games all ready to download and play on the Xbox One as long as you keep your Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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Ausbo318d ago

Just did this the other day. The X came with a free month which turns into 2 with auto renew. Great deal with sea of thieves and state of decay upcoming

ccgr318d ago

I would try this if I didn't already stack up a bunch of discount 1 year renewals :P

Tetsujin318d ago

The title reminds me of those click-bait articles on social media.

"Learn how this guy won the Lottery using one simple trick!"
"Learn how to pick up any woman by this simple rule"
"If you live in X State, you're in for a surprise"
"If your hand shakes, THIS is what it means"