Final Fantasy XV Sure Looks (And Runs) Great On PC

Final Fantasy XV looks good on consoles, but on PC, it feels like the game that we were meant to play two years ago.

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codelyoko1205d ago

That it does, friend. That it does!

Asuka1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

can't wait to download this. haven't played since console versions released, and i've heard the game has changed a lot since then. think my 970 will be decent for this? im not expecting high settings or 1440p, but better performance than base ps4 version is what im looking for lol.

bigmalky1204d ago

Wait... You wrote an article about how the PC game feels like it was supposed to be in the first place, but you haven't actually played it?

This is why gaming journalism is a joke now.

LightofDarkness1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I very much doubt you're talking to Jason Schreier.

Asuka1204d ago

@bigmalky ....

I only submitted here...

I am not Jason Schreier...

And this is why n4g is a joke now

bigmalky1204d ago

That may be, but even the author says he hasn't played much...

What is wrong with the hobby these days, are people applauding graphics and rating games highly due to it. FF XV is completely mediocre, even with DLC, and a statement that this is a complete experience, while only playing a little of the game IS a joke.

I am absolutely sure that in the short amount of time that Royal Edition has been out on PC... None of you have even scratched the paint of it yet.

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thepluggy1204d ago

Pity the same cant be said for console versions.

Father__Merrin1204d ago

Wouldn't mind trying this out on pc. Open world games always play better. It's still not bad on PS4 pro just wish it didn't have the frame pacing issue

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jaymacx1204d ago

It depends on the game, some run better , but others aren’t optimized or are buggy. Assassin’s Creed Origins looks beautiful but it isn’t optimized well. You need a top of the line cpu to run it decently at 4k with HDR. 4k hdr on pc isn’t ideal yet due to Windows not probably settling colors for desktop and many apps don’t scale properly . So they either look blurry or have tiny font. I was pleasantly surprised how well FF15 runs

NotanotherReboot1204d ago

PC is now the definitive place for JRPGs

Jon_Targaryen1204d ago

Still an empty, rushed and uninspired game. Next to MGS V this is my biggest disappointment this gen.

HeyNowChillax1204d ago

Is the experience worth, oh $15 bucks?

Tsuru1204d ago

Did you just call a game that was 10ish years in the making, "rushed"? Thats funny.

Jon_Targaryen1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

LOL "10 years in the making" the original FF XIII VS idea doesnt resemble ANYTHING what FF XV turned out to be! A bunch of emo scene dudes camping in the Texas desert for majority of the game.

The game only entered development shortly after SE finished the FFXIII trilogy... The more you know....