No, God of War Won't Have Microtransactions, Despite Recent Rumours

Earlier today, rumours suggesting that God of War may have microtransactions started to spread. Said rumours were based on a very blurry, angled photograph of an in-game menu which supposedly showed two types of currency at the top right of the screen. Inconclusive to say the least.

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UCForce229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I remember people said Horizon Zero Dawn have MT which was debunked by GG. And @Observe-Secure, those are not MT. Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wild is expansion pack.

DARK_WOLF229d ago

What would it even have mt for??? Its a single player game.

Or is all dlc content considered mt these days..

fiveby9229d ago

Well an SP game such as Shadow of War has MTs. So it's not unheard of for SP to have them. They were billed as "time-saving" items you could purchase to speed up how quickly one progressed in the game. But glad to hear GoW doesn't have these "time saving" MTs.

rainslacker229d ago

Some SP games have MT. They are usually cosmetics or sometimes things to make the game easier through equipment and what not. Sometimes these things are used as pre-order or day one purchase incentives.

darthv72229d ago

When i think of MT's I think of the shop keepers in RPG games. where you go to buy herbs and weapons and armor upgrades.

DaReapa229d ago

"What would it even have mt for??? Its a single player game."

Ever heard of NBA 2K18? (My Career mode specifically)

SolidGamerX229d ago

I dont think DLC is considered Micro's at least that's what I was informed when I was told State of Decay 2 will have paid DLC but not Microtransactions.

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blackblades229d ago

Sounds like someone starting rumors to hurt the game or something.

jijat228d ago

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NoPeace_Walker229d ago

Can't wait to play this wonderful game on my PS4 Slim! 👍🏼

fenome229d ago

I was wondering why you got disagrees until I took a stroll through your history. Lol

Either way, enjoy the game on whatever system you've got that'll play it. I was going to be playing it on the launch console until they announced that GOW Pro.

NoPeace_Walker229d ago (Edited 229d ago )


"You mean the Pro ?"

LOL, Why would I waste my money on a Pro when I already have a PS4 Slim for a few must-haves Sony exclusives like GOW4 and Xbox One X for 90% of superior third party games like Monster Hunter World / Red Dead Redemption 2, native 4K enhanced last gen games like Witcher 2 and Game pass Day One MS games like Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 for my 4K HDR TV? ☺

UCForce229d ago

Well, you did said that Switch is King which is less powerful than PS4 and Xbox One. And I thought you care about resolution and power. It started awkward when you made that statement.

_-EDMIX-_229d ago

Lol when you can't keep that lie straight 😂😂😂

SolidGamerX229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

So you bought an x to have the "superior" experience for third party and "enhanced" last gen games on your 4K HDR TV, yet a slim is good enough for "a few" must have Sony exclusives on said TV?


NoPeace_Walker229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

"Well, you did said that Switch is King which is less powerful than PS4 and Xbox One"

"Lol when you can't keep that lie straight 😂 😂 😂"

FACEPALM. When I said "Switch is KING", it was in an article about sales and NPD...

N4G: Can the PlayStation 4 Continue Beating the Switch in 2018? in King of sales in 2018. What does sales have to do with power? 🤔

You have no humanity, UCForce and EDMIX. 😂 😂 😂

UCForce229d ago

I don’t think so. That’s still an awkward statement from you. Even that, you said that sales don’t matter to you. You just go back and forth. Like WTF ? You seriously lost it.

Dark_Knightmare2229d ago

You're a troll bro no one cares what you think. I love how you stated monster hunter world was so superior on the x1x when it's not lol it was actually called disappointing by digital foundry because not much was done. Keep drinking that ms kool-aid because at this point that's all they pretty much have to offer lol.

UCForce228d ago

And no, you are just being clueless.

Gaming_1st228d ago


You're as lost as last years easter egg.

Alucard_420228d ago

NoPeace_Walker if you cant wait for GoW why would you not want to play it on the best version possible??? isn't that hypocritical about how you always say every game should be played on the X cuz its the best possible? So why are you on the slim???? it just feel hypocritical from you. if you are an enthusiast it doesn't matter the system you would always get the best.

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chrisx229d ago

it's just the haters trying to downplay this game. those who won't have it to play on their system. can't wait for this baby

NoPeace_Walker229d ago

Well said, haters gonna hate.

I will play this Day one on my PS4. 👍🏼

Aenea229d ago

You're starting to sound more and more like rookie every time you post!

_-EDMIX-_229d ago

I mean they have time to just endlessly talk crap about the competition when they don't even have that many games coming out and the games that are releasing are like budget-priced games 😂😂😂

They have great value games coming out now for half the price 😂😂😂

Kribwalker227d ago

so you are trashing on MS charging you less for games? would you rather they charge $90 for games? Some of the best games released last year for the ps4 were budget priced. Does that suddenly make them bad? Crash, hellblade, uncharted ll, all budget priced....

_-EDMIX-_227d ago

@Krib- stop trying to twist a narrative to try to argue over something

no one's actually saying they're mad at Microsoft for having lower-priced games, simply that the majority of the games Microsoft seems to be backing are these budget type games when in the past Microsoft was pushing huge AAA properties like Alan Wake Gears of War Mass Effect what have you.

This publisher has fallen on hard times so when you're looking at Ori and the blind forest or lucky Tales or even State of Decay it is very clear this publisher is no longer putting their focuses solely on AAA content which is very sad because that used to be there bread-and-butter now it looks like the vast majority of their spending or to these lower budget priced games.


With Electronic Arts buying BioWare remedy going multi-platform and so many game cancellations and Studio closures this publisher is just a shell of its former self. I never thought I would see the day where Xbox gamers are championing lucky tails.

The Xbox Gamers I remember we're looking forward to Alan Wake Gears of War and all these other AAA massive properties.

G20WLY229d ago

Keeping it classy 😉

Can't wait for this to release!

I_am_Batman228d ago

Same here. I'm sure Santa Monica Studio will be rewarded for producing a quality single player game without the lootbox bullshit that's in every other game these days.

P_Bomb229d ago

This. I never hear most of these water cooler rumours, probably for good reason.

Relientk77229d ago

I've heard zero rumors on this as well

The7Reaper229d ago

I saw one guy make a comment that one of the things looked like it was for microtransactions but that was on the God of War Reddit page and haven't seen it said by anyone anywhere else.

zivtheawesome228d ago

There was a low res image leaked from the previews of the menu, and people jumped to conclusion that based on the low res there is a premium currency in the game...

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Fragnum229d ago

Sensationalist; A person who presents stories in a way that is intended to provoke public interest or excitement, at the expense of accuracy.

The definition of the person that used those photographs to start a rumour.

The developers have confirmed the game will not feature micro-transactions. The rumours were not true.

Drama over.