1UP: StarCraft 2 Preview

1UP writes: "While everyone anticipated another glimpse of StarCraft 2 at last week's BlizzCon, we didn't expect to learn we'd only been witnessing a third of the game up until now. StarCraft 2's campaign is a totally different beast than its predecessor -- as we reported earlier , it'll be broken up into three separate games. However, each campaign will span about as many levels as the entire original game.

Anthony: Man, that presentation was ridiculous. I can't believe StarCraft 2's a trilogy. But at least the campaign's large and diverse in each release.

Tina: Yeah, but Blizzard's explanation for a trilogy's pretty convincing. The Terran campaign alone has so much to offer, and Blizzard's promising that each game will be a standalone product with 26 to 30 missions. That's three times larger than the original StarCraft! "

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