Dispelling the myths of Bloodborne

Martin Robinson: "Rejoice! Bloodborne, a nailed-on cert for one of the games of the generation, is now available to everyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription, and it is soooooo goddamn good; From Software's finest, if you ask me, a razor-edged, blood-soaked distillation of the Souls formula into something that's headily unique. It's a work of exquisite art, basically, yet there are still some put off by it all. There are still those who haven't sampled its delights."

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Fragnum224d ago

Great article, thanks for submitting :)

xigayeme222d ago

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Gamist2dot0222d ago

Some people like a game to hold their hand from the start and even to finish so BB isn't for them. I've never played any of the souls games, but this is one of the best games I've ever played: music, story, and control.

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Hylian10222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Dude the Lady Maria, Ludwig & the Final Boss in the main game are all masterpieces imo.

Game is so good. It has everything: Story, gameplay,insane music....etc.

This is the only game this gen (so far) that I would actually give it a perfect 10.

Gamist2dot0222d ago

I enjoyed many as well which were difficult and frustrating at first encounter (Ebreatas), but realized how fun and challenging they are.
Lady Maria was the only boss that I felt fine getting destroy many times; it's that aggravated noise she makes that makes it so enjoyable fighting her. I got sad when I finally defeated her...

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ziggurcat222d ago

The author is right - the game is more aggressive compared to its Souls counterparts, and does reward a more aggressive play style.

AspiringProGenji222d ago

Loving all the sudden discussions about Bloodborne. 3 yeas after it is still a masterpiece

Muigi222d ago

I love this game put 200+ hours in but damn. The fanboyism for this game is a little ridiculous.

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