GTA IV receives mysterious update on Xbox One

Last week, Grand Theft Auto IV and the independent version that includes the extra content, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, received a mysterious update on Xbox One without any official information on the changes made by this patch.

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Darkwatchman223d ago

It’s probsbly Xbox One X enhanced now.

kevnb223d ago

That would be cool, the game was way ahead of its time tech wise. I remember it scaled so far up on pc that nothing could max it, and many pc gamers were upset they had to run it on the lower end of the settings (still much higher than console). This was the game that stopped many developers from future proofing their games.

Darkwatchman223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

The pc version was just poorly’s unanimously considered one of the worst pc ports of all time right up there with the original pc port of Resident Evil 4. Nothing could max it because it was a crap port with awful optimization.

223d ago
SegaGamer223d ago

I agree with Darkwatchman. I don't think the game was way ahead of its time, it was just a really bad pc port.

kevnb223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

You do realize years later people could max it and it holds up with newer games right? Traffic density was a big cpu killer and it was only set at around 20% on consoles. Gta iv is not unanimously considered one of the worst ports ever, that would mean that everyone agrees and that is far from the case. Check steam reviews, reception is mixed despite people having trouble getting it working in windows 10 (thanks to games for windows live). You also have to realize that this game ran like complete shit on last gen consoles but people loved it anyway, we are talking FPS in the 20s with many drops to the teens on consoles.

Razmiran223d ago

Yeah, no.
The fact that it cant hold 60fps steady while the much better looking sequel can go over a hundred fps means its a bad port

kevnb223d ago

What are you talking about? It’s not that hard to hold 60 FPS in gta iv with current hardware and gta v simply doesn’t have the same physics or density.

Razmiran223d ago

"Its not that hard"
Bring on the evidence mate

kevnb223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

I can run it myself at 60 FPS, and there are plenty of videos of 60 FPS gameplay all over the Internet. People get around 80 FPS at 1080p with a 970.

Darkwatchman223d ago


And my dude, I would hope a decade later, that modern machines could run it well even if it was optimized poorly....BECAUSE IT’S 10 YEARS LATER

SegaGamer223d ago

My pc is pretty decent, and i can't get a stable 60fps on maximum settings with this game. 1060 6gb, i5 7600k, 16gb ddr4 ram should be able to run this game at a stable 60fps on the highest can't though. It can reach it for sure, and a lot of the game can run beyond that, but there are many times when it will randomly dip to mid 30's and mid 40's.

It's a 10 year old game, if it was optimised better, my pc would be able to run it without it ever dipping below 60fps.

kevnb223d ago

Turn traffic density down to a reasonable level, maxed out traffic density is ridiculous to play anyway.

Darkwatchman223d ago shouldn’t have to turn down ANY setting on a 10 year old game with supposedly “good” optimization

Razmiran223d ago

"Reasonable level" whats reasonable about having to lower details on a 10 year old videogame with models that look like crap nowadays
And I actually LOVE GTA IV, but a bad port is a bad port

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Cy223d ago

Does it fix how horrible the game is?

Dlaw76223d ago

I agree can't play that game after playing gta 5

pebipe223d ago

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TheUndertaker85223d ago

It's likely a patch to better optimize for the Xbox One family. Red Dead Redemption also received a similar patch after it went backwards compatible on Xbox One.

Jon_Targaryen223d ago

I run this game maxed out with my 4th gen I5 4690K and 1080ti. Dont see the problem here?

zaherdab223d ago

You are a rock star !! thanks for sharing !!! changed my life !!!!!!!!!

Jon_Targaryen223d ago

THANKS! Seriously, have you ever thought that, I dunno R* actually fixed the damned game like WB fixed Batman AK?! For the love of God, my Steam version works just fine!

zaherdab222d ago

The article talks about an update to the xbox one version and you are parading how awesome ur pc version is ... i mean good for you but why is it relevant at all ?

Magnus223d ago

Hmm an old game gets an update I wouldn't be surprised if the update is to make the game look sharper on the 1X

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