State of Decay 2 Release Date, Price Announced

The sequel to the zombie-apocalypse-survival-RPG is on the way soon for a price that’s less that what you’re probably expecting.

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Vasto317d ago

So now we have it. $29.99 is not bad at all for the standard edition. Already own the original State Of Decay.
Gamepass Day 1 for me anyway.

Septic317d ago

Gonna be great..first one was great fun but was missing coop.

IamTylerDurden1317d ago

It looks like a fun little game, reminds me of How To Survive a little.

darthv72316d ago

I will get the standard edition because I already have the xbo SoD1 and the deluxe comes with the same version in addition to SoD2.

Jinger317d ago

I was ready to drop $59.99 for this one considering how much time I put in the first. But I'll be happy to support Undead Labs with the Deluxe edition at only $49.99. That's a steal for sure.

Obscure_Observer317d ago


I agree. Deluxe Edition for me as well. :)

IamTylerDurden1317d ago

Why on earth would you expect SoD2 to be $60? The original game was $20 was it not? It certainly doesn't appear to have a AAA budget.

IamTylerDurden1317d ago (Edited 317d ago )


How on earth is your comment getting agrees? The Order absolutely was AAA, sorry to burst your bubble but it was a big production with best in class visuals and a large budget. Deep Down didn't even ship, why would you mention it? Nobody bought Deep Down bc it never released.

Why mention Sony or a Capcom game that became vapor? I just asked why ppl expected SoD2 to be $60 when the first SoD was a $20 game. I just didn't understand what exactly made them think it would be full priced when the franchise has already set a precedent for being a budget game.

Stogz317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

@Sonic_Vs_Mario Sony players paid $60 for deep down? A game that never came out??? Please tell us more...

memots317d ago

this is how you get people to buy the game. Instead of the stupid 129$ for the complete edition, Make a base edition cheap to have player count and possible purchase of content. And sell the full game at 60$ its not rocket science,

Good on them

Silly gameAr317d ago

@Sonic vsMario
That was the dumbest comment that I've read since I've been here.

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ULTp0ltergeist317d ago ShowReplies(4)
NXFather317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Well I don't expect anything amazing at this starting price.

Edit: I hope it is awesome though.

Veneno317d ago

With many full priced titles launching with only 1 or maybe 2 features worth a crap this seems a little too good. But its an open world game so i would expect some thing meaty at the start

81BX316d ago

Ummm??? Did you play the 1st One? If not go look up some vids. Good game. At a minimum you can expect the 2nd to be as much fun

PFFT317d ago

Yep! Going for Ultimate myself! Cant wait!

Farsendor1317d ago

@Sonic_Vs_Mario That is completely untrue. I didn't buy No Mans Sky and Deep Down never released.

81BX316d ago

Deep down, wow. I forgot about that game. Is it ever coming?

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zivtheawesome317d ago

hmm 30$.... i guess it's a low budget title. well we shall see tommorow with the full gameplay reveal.

zivtheawesome317d ago

yea i've seen the video. tommorow there is a full gameplay reveal i am waiting for in order for me to give my judgement. so far it does look low budget and the full reveal tommorow will confirm/deny that.

Vasto317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Its open world multiplayer so it looks fine to me.

slate91317d ago

Looks quite good for a 4 player co-op open world imo. Looks way better than I thought it would. Animations are pretty fluid.

Jinger317d ago

At the end when the breserker tears her in half... good lawd can't wait

chiefJohn117317d ago

Damn this game looks good asf. The mechanics and gfx look update unlike the first. Day one buy for sure. With new features, all they have to do is have interesting missions and lengthy story and it'll be a hit.

Obscure_Observer317d ago


Low budge or not. It´s a brand new game and costs cheaper than Sony´s PS4 remasters!

Razzer316d ago

"It´s a brand new game and costs cheaper than Sony´s PS4 remasters! "

do you know how many shit games meet that criteria?

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PlayableGamez-317d ago

MS is pricing it low because it's going to be a buggy piece of mess.

jijat316d ago

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antz1104317d ago

So was the first one and it was amazing.

Saijahn316d ago

They didn’t play it so they wouldn’t know or have anything to base their hatred on other than it’s an MS exclusive game. Silliness

IamTylerDurden1317d ago

It's odd to me that ppl are surprised at the budget price. I think with all the ppl hyping it as one of the big Xbox exclusives some are getting a twisted perception of what State of Decay is. It has always been budget, it's not a AAA.

mark_parch317d ago

Exactly, because Microsoft haven't had many exclusives recently the titles they do have seem to get over hyped, state of decay 2 was never going to be a AAA game but it looks awesome to me and I can't wait.

mark_parch317d ago

it depends what people are expecting. I've been saying form day one this was never a AAA title and people shouldn't expect horizon zero dawn visuals. as long as they improve on the original in all departments which it looks like they have I will be happy. hopefully with game pass and a $30 price point it will do well enough to get a AAA budget for the next instalment . super hyped for co-op

ConsoleGamer316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

What i have been saying all the time. SoD2 is a low budget title, just like Sea of thieves is. While it is better than nothing, Ms should focus more on AAA games.

zivtheawesome316d ago

Sea of thieves is not a budget title. it is a full priced 60$ games. SoD2 is 30$.

Saijahn316d ago

You really just called it low budget because it’s a $30 version? Lmbo, the first one was widely beloved for $20. And it was great to play.

There’s a reason there’s a part 2....

IamTylerDurden1316d ago

Still a budget game with poor visuals, it's just the truth.

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paintedgamer1984317d ago ShowReplies(3)
Sciurus_vulgaris317d ago

Hasn't this series always been lower priced?

Jinger317d ago

Well this is only the second game, but yes the first game debuted as an xbox live arcade game for only $29.99 as well.

KillBill317d ago

It actually released for $20.