10 things the PSN & XMB need still

A comprehensive list of features the PSN/XMB absolutely needs. Feel free to add to the list.

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eagles19903658d ago

play PS1 games? why a ps1 emulator?

The rest of the list is great though

will113658d ago

the xbox 360 has all this stuff already.

PirateThom3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Things on that list the 360 doesn't have:

1. Pre-Purchase downloads
2. Release list calender
3. XBox emulation for all XBox 360 owners.
5. A rating system.
6. Full blade access
7. Full blade customization
9. Web browser

Edit: Also, all models of the 360 don't have Backwards compatibility, since you need a hard drive for it!

Silogon3658d ago

Will11, what does that mean? The xbox 360 has all of this stuff... What is that?

1st. No, they don't have all of this stuff


2nd. Let's say they did have all this stuff, the Ps3 still doesn't and that's what the list is for. If it was a list compiling xbox 360 features, then yeah; it'd be a waste of time. It's not, though. For the 2 reasons I just gave.

Yoma3658d ago

we should see the account email and password in the user profile :(

TheColbertinator3658d ago

Good list Silogon.You should work for Sony or Microsoft to help them get their heads out of their asses

thewhoopimen3658d ago

How about male-female audio random chat pairing... for all the poor male and female gamers who don't get enough time to date. lol

It'd be its own little widget you could press select it when u didn't want to chat in game but wanted to chat anyway. Preferably with the opposite sex (same sex selectable option XD)

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legendkilla3658d ago

Solid list! i like the idea of pre-paid downloads! And the release date calender

Expy3658d ago

Out of all the "Still needs" lists, this one is one of the worst.

Max Power3658d ago

is the controller battery symbol to be moves, if i wanna check the time i have to wait for it to disappear.

Tetsuryu3658d ago

That too, they can have it laid out in a similar fashion to the PSP. It's a real easy fix, it's only a matter of repositioning of x and y coordinates.

Though I would personally wish for a 'auto-shutdown' option for when my downloads are complete.

Esena3658d ago

I believe in the next firmware that is happening :)

Tetsuryu3658d ago


Bubbles for the info. :)

trickyd803658d ago

I like the myspace idea, that would b off the chain.

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The story is too old to be commented.