Mirror's Edge is a Trilogy, Possible Level Editor in the Sequel?

AusGamers have posted a eleven-minute video interview with Senior Producer Owen O'Brien. The Q&A took place at Tokyo Game Show 2008. Along with discussions about gameplay, cutscenes and such O'Brien also revealed that Mirror's Edge is a trilogy, and that the first two games will focus on Faith. There are already plans for the sequel and DICE is thinking about including a level editor in Mirror's Edge 2.

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infamous_274362d ago

first... lol kidding

does every game have to have level editors now??

blynx1824362d ago

Save that first nonsense for the open zone.

-GametimeUK-4361d ago

Lots of games have had level editors since before this gen... Personally I loved the Tony Hawk create a park editor back in the day but created levels existed even before that

TrevorPhillips4362d ago

i think it will be a great idea for hacking map editor for the 2nd sequel it will be enjoyable :)

DavidMacDougall4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

Not buying the first then if your holding stuff back to make more money.

Level Editor in the Sequel? - Why didnt they put it in the first game

tplarkin74361d ago

The reality is that sales will determine if there will be sequels.

lordgodalming4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

The word "sequel" doesn't make Mirror's Edge an automatic no-buy, but I share Mr. MacDougall's concern. My biggest worry with this game was that it would be a reasonable length (10-15 hrs). Talk of TWO sequels doesn't exactly alleviate that worry.

El_Colombiano4361d ago

Wow everybody wants to be a Little Big Planet...

No Way4361d ago

You're not being.... serious, are you?

Raoh4361d ago


trilogies, series, franchises etc are great..really they are

but enough

i'd say it's time to make a large game instead..

games are obviously getting bigger. not just in scale but in audio/video definition

so space is needed.

i say cut the crap games.. cut the little marketing and petty dlc

just make that 6 disc 360 game and sell it at once

make that 2 disc blu ray game (double layer is all we got right now)

think of it this way.. dead space has an anime movie and game coming out.. brilliant..

japan is known for soundtracks with their games

there was the stranglehold game + hard boiled movie release on blu ray...

why not just have every movie + game + be large and released at once..

no more 3 part or every year releases

just one big epic release...


i'm sorry but is anyone else feel like puking when you hear the word trilogy before a game comes out?

i'm sorry but is anyone else feel like puking when you hear the word trilogy before a game comes out AND they say "we just sort of came up with the idea to make a trilogy"?

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