Far Cry Arcade: we wanted to "give it its own identity"

GR talked to Ubisoft about the "infinite" amount of content players can create in Arcade.

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chris235228d ago

infinite user generated content is as dull and boring as procedural generated content. i would not exactly shout out that my games uses such mechanics. it‘s not an advertisement but the opposite of that. but some devs don‘t seem to get that (most) users are not dumb. although i got my doubts.

TheCommentator228d ago

Okay, we get it. You don't like user generated content. Don't call people who enjoy creating stuff dumb though. It makes you sound... dumb.

I bet the people who created games like Counter Strike and Team Fortress don't think user-generated content is dumb. I bet the people who recreate all of their favorite maps from other games don't think it's dumb either. I would even bet that the people who use the Livery editor in Forza (especially the ones who were hired by Turn 10) don't think user generated content is dumb either.

noripigo228d ago

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TheCommentator228d ago

"...and after we launch the game there'll be more content packs as well, that we'll be putting online for everyone to download and have even greater variety from."

Awesome! The art assets from the DLC "campaigns" is all but assured. Viet Nam, Outer Space, and Zombies, oh my!!!