XCOM 2 could be getting another DLC expansion

From GameWatcher: "Fans have spotted that Firaxis seem working on something within XCOM 2, and going by Steam Database they've opened a new DLC entry for the game - suggesting a new expansion for XCOM 2 similar to War of the Chosen may be on the way."

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Chaosdreams226d ago


I mean, that's awesome but my wallet! That said, whatever this may be (I hope it brings a lot of new soldier customization options so we can spiff up our squad and make them more unique).

lelo2play226d ago

Not a fan of DLC/expansions.
I would prefer if they released XCOM 3.

ILikeGamesYeah225d ago

They almost released war of the chosen as Xcom 3 but released it as a £20 dlc instead. You could buy it and throw an extra £30 in the trash so it's like you paid for a full price game if that makes you feel better.

lelo2play225d ago

Xcom 2 costs 50€ in the European store. Xcom 2 War of the Chosen DLC costs 40€. I prefer paying 50/60€ for a full game then 40€ for DLC/s.
People like you are ruining gaming for the rest of us. We now get games with endless DLC add-ons that cost hundreds and hundreds of Euros. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

ILikeGamesYeah225d ago

Can't wait to spend all my money on Rocket league 2 and Overwatch 2 lolol! Sometimes developers want to give their game some love. They may think of ideas which dont warrant making a whole new game. I get a lot of dlc these games are rubbish but there are defo cases where it's been very beneficial. I can't bring myself to argue with someone who thinks developers shouldn't touch their game once its finished. How dare these people ruin gaming for everyone by addressing fixes and adding things to the game they and their fans like.

I feel weird now.. you have made me feel a bit sick inside. Soooo frustrating.

Also a lot of people I see complaining about DLC most of the time have no idea how the development for a game this size is. You think its a bunch of people in an office doing the 9-5 till the job is done? Its coordinated into teams who work on different stages throughout development. When one team have finished their job they work on the next project right?? How mental would it be if they were working on Xcom 2 and 3 at the same time of development?? They either keep working on that same game or get another project. I am well aware that I can't explain this well cos im a bit bluerrrrr.

ILikeGamesYeah225d ago

Also the point that I was making was that the DLC was basically Xcom 3 but marketed as DLC instead. The fact that you can't enjoy it because it's labelled as DLC is depressing. I don't think they're ruining gaming,

Fans enjoy the game
Fireaxis extends the life of their game for fans

In your little child mind they can't make Xcom 3 as well as bringing out DLC because you are a special person.

CorndogBurglar225d ago

I'm sure there will be an Xcom 3. Nothing wrong with stretching out the playability of a great game though.

Action GO FIGURE225d ago

Just conclude Dr. Vahlen's story already.

chris235225d ago

would be cool. one of the best games this gen. good narrative (which has become very seldom these days) and engaging gameplay.