Why God Of War (2018) Deserves Your Attention Even If It’s Going To Be Your First

ThisGenGaming says "This years God Of War release is going to deserve your attention, here's why everyone including first time players needs to give this game your attention."

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G20WLY229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Because the hype is real and if this is your first GOW, you missed a ton of fun!

Go buy the series!

Null1980229d ago

Man, I still remember my first time. I was like "Wow, this is the most amazing feeling I've ever had." I fully expect my head to completely explode all over the place after this one.

Can't WAIT for God of War!

Palitera229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I also remember the feeling: "They finally made it, the game I always wanted to play!"

InTheZoneAC229d ago

I was working at GameStop when 1 and 2 released and I had no interest in it until a week prior to 2 released, that is when I borrowed a used copy of gow1 and I'm glad I tried it, as it is easily one of the best franchises

nix229d ago

First God of War was what turned me into the PS fan. Random little kid told me to pick that game when I was at the counter to buy some PS2 games. At first I thought it was crap because the camera was locked unlike Prince of Persia. Thank God I played for 30 mins more. Best decision I've ever made.

God of War was truly an epic game with great story and great set pieces. I thank that kid everyday to be honest.

Null1980229d ago

InTheZoneAC Awesome. I ASM'ed 2 Gamestop stores during that period. (2005-2008: 360, PS3 & Wii launches also). We would always break store rules and we'd put it in the demo system when the store was empty. That's how I first experienced it as well.

I started with EB Games, didn't like how Corporate operated behind the scenes the longer I was with Gamestop. It's still good for consumers on like the Buy 2 get 1 free used games. They treat their employees, especially management like crap. (Maybe some districts are better than others).

I'd rather go blow my wad of cash somewhere else.

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Smitty2020229d ago

I was thinking iv not played the old installments and won’t buy the new until iv done the old Looks great tho

MoonConquistador228d ago

I've still got a glitched trophy on GOW 2 that's stopped me from getting the Platinum so think I'll go back and play them through again too.

Fantastic stories and some bad ass battles

Eonjay229d ago

Since you don't need to have played the other games for this one, I think it is a given. A perfect time to jump on.

DialgaMarine229d ago

I’ve played every GoW to date, some multiple times. This game had my attention before it was even announced.

Kurisu229d ago

Same here. I must admit I was a bit wary about the change of direction when the new God of War was announced (it just wasn't what I was expecting) but it looks great. Really intrigued to see how it will pan out.

madforaday229d ago

The best part about the game is when they said you can explore and you will find yourself an optional boss to fight or a dungeon to explore.

The_Sage229d ago

I'm glad I'll have the ability to stop and look around.

Legatus229d ago

It had my attention since 2005. and i will have the badass collector's edition in my hands on 20.4. The time has come to kill some nordic gods...

InTheZoneAC229d ago

If you haven't played previous GoWs smdh go pick those up right now.

MrVux000229d ago

Kratos making bald men proud since 2005! (now with extra thick beard)

Can't wait for the game release!

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The story is too old to be commented.