Up to 83% off Electronic Arts PC games

Amazon has discounted Battlefield 1, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Titanfall 2, Mass Effect Trilogy as well as the Dead Space games to as low as $4.99.

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Derceto353d ago

Let me know when it's 183% off. When they're willing to pay me to "play" their garbage, I might consider wasting time on EA schlock.

XtaZ353d ago

You're missing out on lots of great games with that moronic attitude.

LoaMcLoa353d ago

Titanfall 2 for 5 dollars is a steal

XtaZ353d ago

Yeah. Last week I got Titanfall 2, Dead Space 2 & 3 for 5 dollars each, Mass Effect Trilogy for $7.50 and Andromeda for $10. That's an insane amount of value for just 33 dollars. I also got Dead Space 1 for free through Origin.

SockeyBoy353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Mass Effect 1-3, Titanfall 2, and Dead Space 1-2? They aren't too bad.

Don't know why that didn't reply to you Derceto :/