9 Things We Want From Kingdom Hearts 3

Gamespot: “Kingdom Hearts 3 is so close, we can almost taste it. After 10 long years, it goes without saying that fans have had more than enough time to think about what they want out of the franchise’s latest release. Since 2018 is shaping up to be the year of bombastic sequels, our expectations are definitely high. While we’ve seen a bunch of beautiful trailers, it remains to be seen if Square Enix’s latest will address some of the shortcomings of its predecessors. Here are nine things we want from Kingdom Hearts 3.”

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PhoenixUp225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

Even though Riku’s new outfit is heavily reminiscent of Noctis’ outfit, I hope Noctis himself appears in KH3 along with characters from FFIV, FFV, FFXII & FFXIII