Far Cry 5 Preview – Dastardly Villian; Disinteresting World | DualShockers

DualShockers writes. "My hour takeaway with Far Cry 5 highlighted a few key things: Ubisoft's open-world game delivers on a captivating villain, compared to a bland backdrop."

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Vectrexer229d ago

Well I haven't played it yet but I like the backdrop. From what I've seen looks like it'll be a blast.

morganfell229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I wouldn't be concerned. Far Cry games are about what they allow you to do and the antagonists you meet. Its hard to put stock in an article where the writer doesn't know that disinteresting is not actually a word. Disinterest or disinterested is employed as either a noun or in some cases as a verb. While disinterested can be utilized in a similar fashion as uninterested, its most common use is to state a condition of being impartial or detached from personal influence. An example would be, "To insure the negotiations were fair, a disinterested party was brought in to mediate."


The Settings is what I actually like about this one and I am a HUGE fan of the series with FC3 being my favorite, I have liked all of the FC games, even primal and evolution on OG Xbox and 360.