Bloodborne community rallying together for Return to Yharnam fan event

The brilliant Bloodborne is getting a new lease of life this week when it arrives as a PlayStation Plus freebie and, to celebrate, fans are planning to flock back to the game to populate its multiplayer features.

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AspiringProGenji231d ago

Still hoping Shadows Die Twice is Bloodborne 2. If not then I hope it is From soft’s 2nd proyect

Mr-Dude231d ago

No! I hope it is Tenchu dude! We have/had enough of these Dark Souls/Bloodborne games.

*Runs away before the beating*

Highlife230d ago

Get back here and take your beating

VTKC230d ago

Ah this game, i enjoted this but lost my way in the game. I beat a few bosses. But ran out of places to go. I am sure i am no where near even in the middele. I have beaten the big fire breathing ike rat. I been to a few dungeans and beat the bosses there like the 3 fat guys and that huge monster thats got blades for arms. But dont know where to go

Omnisonne230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

You could try looking up a walkthrough/playthrough if you're stuck, some areas can be tricky to find at first. Some are completely optional too, but worth checking out.

holdmyown83230d ago

I never made it past the first boss.

Goldby230d ago

Which first boss, father or cleric Beast

The_Jackel230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

It never died though lol
But yes good to see
Can't wait for bborne 2

And n4g fuck these ads off! Wont let me type until i close the bloody thing on mobile and have to wait for counter to count down to do that....

shammgod230d ago

this is pretty cool. Might have to jump back in